Married At First Sight season 3 spoilers and speculation

Married At First Sight Season 3

Even after the disastrous second season of Married At First Sight, six more brave singles turned their fates over to the experts, hoping to get matched up with their true loves. Viewers finally got the chance to meet the new, Atlanta-based participants during the season premiere last week — but we’re still awaiting the wedding scenes to see if there is chemistry between the matches. Fortunately, for those of us who aren’t very patient, there are some telling Married At First Sight season 3 spoilers floating around out there.

The biggest revelations come from someone who claimed to be the mother of David Norton, who was matched with Ashley Doherty. Now, take this with a grain of salt because we can’t confirm the post was actually by his mother. But, assuming it was… she said on a Married At First Sight forum that she is skeptical David and Ashley will last.

I’m glad it’s over and Ashley, my son David’s wife is sweet. I don’t know how it ends because my son and his wife have to stay apart until it airs, kind of like the bachelor. If they break secrecy then they don’t get paid and they would be out $100K. I got 3 Checks from the producers today in the mail, the movie industry pays well and they pay for everything. My son was tricked to be on the show. He was on Tinder and met this girl. When they met in person, she confessed that she was really a producer and asked him to be on the show David refused until they told him how much they would pay him. It was fun but exhausting. My son really wanted to be married and settle down, but I have a feeling Ashley did it for the money because she was unemployed.

Married At First Sight David Norton and Ashley Doherty
David Norton and Ashley Doherty.

David’s mom also revealed she was filmed a lot because she was the only parent for the pair who lived in Atlanta — and that the process was exhausting. “I had to walk into a restaurant and we must of done that one scene 15 times to get all the angles right. We’d start filming early and not finish until past midnight, plus my son still had to work at his job.” No doubt that makes an already stressful situation even more difficult.

After the show’s premiere, a person commenting on another site shared a completely different story about David, saying “he is known as a ‘pathological liar and con man’ in the Atlanta area.” The person added that David has “burned” at least five people–including the commenter–for various amounts of money, and has had trouble with the law. Of how things worked out with Ashley, the person said, “David and Ashley are already divorced. David was only on this show for the money.”

Again, that’s just an unverified comment from an anonymous person. But another person on another website said that an unnamed contestant from the show “has/had warrants out for his arrest by former employers. He has a DUI and a judgment against him for unpaid attorney’s fees. He’s been terminated by nearly every employer he’s ever had. He stole $2700 from his football club… he’s a complete sociopath.” That’s bad news for the fans who hoped casting was going to be a bit more scrupulous this season than in the second season of Married At First Sight.

For now, David is keeping up appearances on social media by referring to Ashley as his “bae.” She hasn’t said much about him, but has “liked” tweets about them “being the best couple” from this season.

Tres and Vanessa Married At First Sight
Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson.

An anonymous commenter on another website said things weren’t looking great for Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson, either. That person said, “One of the guys is a mixed man from Alpharetta who only dates white women but he was matched with a black woman (who is absolutely stunning by the way) and his b**ch a** has been complaining the whole time.” I’m hopeful that isn’t true, because Tres (and his family) looked really smitten with Vanessa when she walked down the aisle at the end of the first episode — although the big teaser was about whether he walked away before saying “I do.” (He doesn’t, based on honeymoon clips…. And the rest of the season.)

Neil and Sam Married At First Sight
Neil Bowlus and Samantha Role.

There isn’t much information out there about what happens with Neil Bowlus and Samantha Role, which seems to be a good thing in this case. And, although no one is really talking about whether they stay together, people who know Neil and Sam have said on the Married At First Sight Facebook page that they are both kind and genuine — so place your bets on them!

Married At First Sight airs on FYI on Tuesdays at 9/8c.