VIDEO Why is Lil Scrappy leaving Atlanta (and possibly switching to the Love & Hip Hop Miami cast)?

Why is Lil Scrappy leaving Atlanta

Now that things between himself and Bambi are officially done, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Lil Scrappy is looking for a fresh start. But why is Lil Scrappy leaving Atlanta–as in both LHHATL and the city? Just like his fellow castmate Joseline Hernandez, it seems Scrap is thinking seriously about ditching the ATL altogether and instead jetting down to Miami to give his career a jump start. That’s right: Love & Hip Hop Miami is still shooting Season 1, and the Atlanta crew has been dropping some serious hints that a major reshuffling of the show’s stars may be in order, South Beach-style.

First of all, here’s the clip in which Scrap shares his thinking with–who else?–Momma Dee:

So, one quick aside: Momma Dee’s spit-take looks well-rehearsed, but it’s no less entertaining for that. And as for Lil Scrappy’s rationale–though he looked like his was daydreaming when he revealed his plans–there’s a lot to recommend it. Yes, there’s “money and opportunity” a-plenty in Atlanta, too, but Miami might represent a new beginning. And a sorely needed one, too, given that the drama between Lil Scrappy and Bambi is sure to haunt both of them for some time.

Plus, judging by his recent social media output, it looks like the man might already have made his move:

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In addition to still filming, Love & Hip Hop Miami is still tweaking its final cast list, so it’s at least possible that Lil Scrappy might join up. The show is expected to premiere in the fall of 2017.

(Photo credits: Why is Lil Scrappy leaving Atlanta via Instagram)

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