VIDEO Violent courtroom fight during Stand Your Ground Florida hearing

Things went from bad to worse in a Osceola courthouse on Monday where a man accused of murdering two brothers, who is using Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law as a defense, was in a hearing.

Members of both the accused and the deceased families were on hand as some were there to testify but the hearing was postponed so that new gun evidence could be used. In what proved to be a serious lack of planning, both families were escorted out of the courtroom and were waiting in the same small lobby when tempers boiled over.

Here’s the footage (I’m gonna throw 3 different versions in because they’re getting removed from YouTube pretty rapidly):

Investigators said the brothers’ father, James Kun Sr., a friend Jeremy Milyon and defendant Jason Clair’s stepfather, James Barker, became involved in a verbal argument which led to a physical altercation. Court deputies and a St. Cloud police officer intervened threatening to use a taser, and all three were taken into custody.

The defendant, Jason Clair, was at  a 25-cent beer night on June 28, 2011, at Len’z Dug Out Pub. He got into a scuffle with James Kun, 23, and Joel Kun, 21, that ended momentarily when bar workers forced Clair outside and into the parking lot.

Florida Stand Your Ground defendant Jason Clair

The Kun brothers followed him outside where another fight broke out. After being allegedly beaten by the brothers, Clair left in his car for approximately 20 minutes. When he returned to the scene, the three men got into it for a 3rd fight but this time Clair grabbed a gun from his car and opened fire on the men.

According to reports, witnesses told the cops that they saw Clair stand over the wounded brothers and fire repeatedly at their bodies. Other people on the scene then disarmed Clair and beat him so savagely he was nearly unrecognizable in the above mugshot. He’s been charged with two counts of first degree murder.

The brawling family members have been banned from the courthouse following this incident. To make matters worse for the officials who regrettably had them all crowded together in the same lobby; after the arrest, 2 of the men were almost placed in the same holding cell once again inciting outrage. At least on that occasion deputies thought it through and separated the men.