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Hot Mug Shot Felon Jeremy Meeks kisses heiress Chloe Green while wife Melissa posts cryptic Instagram messages

Jeremy Meeks's mug shot broke the internet in 2014 and garnered him a host of nicknames including "hot mug shot guy," "hot felon," and "hot convict." His almost universal sexual attractiveness garnered him a lot of attention and work offers, but it did not help him get out of serving 2 years jail time for gun possession. By the time he got out of jail in 2016, however, he basically walked straight from the prison gates to the runway. He's been strutting his stuff in New York, and most recently in Milan, but his international success as a high profile model has seemed to have wreaked his marriage.

‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ shares shirtless photo to prove he’s still hot

When the Stockton, California police department shared the mugshot of Mr. Jeremy Meeks back in 2014, they had no idea they would have a viral sensation on their hands. Folks around the globe who got all turnt up from Jeremy's gorgeous countenance shared the photo like crazy and took turns posting their best thirsty one liners. Now the man who will forever be known as the "hot mugshot guy" is out and posting pics to Instagram. Shirtless pics...