Tabloid “Reality Weekly” goes out of print, to return as app only

Reality Weekly is going out of print, to return as digital app only

That didn’t last long! Only 29 weeks after their first issue at the very end of December, 2011, tabloid publication Reality Weekly is shutting down their printing presses. The announcement comes in the form of a full-page ad in the current (and apparently last) issue stating Reality Weekly will make its return later this summer in the form of a free app for iPad and Kindle Fire. Here’s the ad followed by a transcript of what it says:

Reality Weekly magazine announces they are closing down, to return as app only


Dear readers,

Exciting news! Your Reality Weekly experience is about to get even better.

We’re launching an all-new Reality Weekly app, and not only will it continue to give you RW‘s signature behind-the-scenes access, juicy A-list interviews and hot new celeb pictures, but we’re also adding tons of video interviews, outtakes and backstage moments to bring you even closer to the reality personalities you can’t get enough of.

Oh, and one more thing: It’s absolutely FREE! That’s right, starting later this summer, you’ll be able to download the Reality Weekly app onto your iPad or Kindle Fire at no charge! The all-digital format means that this week will be the last printed issue of the magazine, so be on the lookout for the new and improved Reality Weekly in your app store!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!

The editors of Reality Weekly

Ummmm… Sounds a little like the magazine was a flop and they’re trying to transition the infrastructure of writers and editors into a digital presence for publisher American Media, Inc., which also owns Star, OK!, and National Enquirer among others – none of which have a solid online presence. (Purely uneducated hypothesizing on my part.)

I have to confess I will be sorry to see Reality Weekly go, and not because of their exclamation pointed cover stories, but for all the peripheral stories inside about reality shows that rarely get any coverage such as Storage Wars and Pawn Stars.

We checked and so far there is no Reality Weekly app – but keep checking because it should be here soon!