VIDEO Daisy the cow does Shawshank Redemption impersonation

Irish heifer Daisy users her tongue to get free

My absolute favorite Far Side of all time shows three cows grazing on a hillside by a winding road. They are all three chewing the cud when one realizes dramatically. “Hey, we’ve been eating grass!” Perfect and hilarious because cows ain’t smart… or are they?

In the following random video I present to you South Armagh, Ireland’s gate bustin’ bovine Daisy. Farmer Tom Grant had a problem with his cows escaping their lock up consistently and he got so worked up about he went and had surveillance cameras installed to find out who was messing with his (cow) boys. It turned out to farmer Tom’s surprise it was an inside job.

Here is the clip of Daisy the Cow getting all Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption or Michael Scofield from Prison Break as she figures out what keeps her imprisoned and does something about it:

You either get busy livin’ or get busy getting out just to go back and then get to dyin’! Tom’s “brother in farms” Vincent (he’s the one who actually mounted the cameras) said:

“I was amazed. I never saw anything like it before and thought here is a cow with unusual intelligence. It is something to capture on camera.”

That heifer’s tongue can get her out of all kind of jams which is utterly amazing. I mean what’s a farmer to moo when he sees something like that? For Tom Grant he thinks the bovine brain should be reevaluated for intelligence. The area of Ulster where Daisy hails is known as “Bandit County.” Make that Bovine Beef Bandit County!”