VIDEO TLC’s “America’s Worst Tattoos” with Megan Massacre premieres June 21

TLC's America's Worst Tattoos well fed belly tattoo with put food here post it note

Bad tattoos have been an internet staple for years, but now they are getting the prime time small screen treatment thanks to TLC’s new series America’s Worst Tattoos, premiering with back-to-back half-hour episode on June 21.

Check out this preview trailer which features a woman who got a really bad moon tattoo from a tattoo artist with a heroin addiction that only does great work when she’s high. (Needless to say, she wasn’t very high when she created this moonstrosity!)

Also, a tubby feller regrets his huge “WELL     FED” tummy tattoo in addition to his Post-it note tat he got later to fill in the gap between “WELL” and “FED” with the hand-written message, “Put food in me.”

Oh, and a poet type with a heady adage tat that has “literacy” misspelled. D’oh!

As painful as America’s worst tattoos are, TLC does a nice job of countering that retinal damage with the eyeball-soothing visage of tattoo artist / DJ / alternative model Megan Massacre! This flame-haired vixen is no stranger to reality television after starring in the reality series N.Y. Ink. She’s also no stranger to lookin’ damn fine!

NY Ink tattoo artist and America's Worst Tattoo star Megan Massacre

I’m not sure if Megan Massacre is the only tattoo artist who will be attempting to reverse the skin art monstrosities on the show, but she’s the only one in the preview trailer, so that’s enough for me! You can find out all about Megan on her website as well as her Facebook page including samples of her tattoo work, modeling photos, magazine covers, booking info, and this “about me:”

Megan Massacre is a tattoo artist, DJ and alternative model based out of New York City. She tattoos out of the well known NYC tattoo studio “The Wooster St. Social Club” located in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. Her work has been featured in publications around the globe, and was an artist and cast member of the TLC reality TV series “NY Ink.” Please be sure to check out Megan’s newest TV project “America’s Worst Tattoos” which is comprised of two back to back episodes scheduled to air June 21st, 10/9c on the TLC network.

Megan originates from south eastern Pa, and has worked at a handful of tattoo shops throughout the area, including Deep Six Laboratory in Philadelphia, Pa, before deciding to settle in NYC. Megan has been tattooing since 2004, and her artwork can be described as creepy yet cute, combining dark imagery with bold vibrant color to create a unique, whimsical style that is all her own.

Sexy Megan Massacre lingerie modeling photo
^ Photo by Nicolle Clemetson for Purrfect Pineapples Cruelty-Free lingerie

Outside of tattooing, Megan has been working as an alternative model since 2007, and has been featured in a many national and international publications, including 15+ magazine covers. She also works as a DJ and has recently created a new DJ project called “Letz Massacre” with her boyfriend Joe Letz from the band Combichrist.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys painting, music, fashion design, and spending time with her family. She also harbors a serious xbox360 addiction, drinks way too much coffee, and likes to day dream about her haunted dream house, surrounded by trees filled with jack-o-lanters and its own private grave yard.

I am now officially bumping up Megan into my Top 2 Hottest Heavily Tattooed Female Reality Stars, right behind Danielle Colby Cushman of American Pickers. (Me and Danielle go waaaaay back y’all!)

UPDATE – Also appearing on the show and helping de-worstify people’s regretful skin art is Amp (Art Machine Productions) tattoo studio and art gallery owner Tim Pangburn from Philadelphia. Tim also has a website where you can find out more about him including examples of his tattoo work (with a lot of examples of his cover-up artistry!), his original artwork, and this “about me:”

Tattoo cover up artist Tim Pangburn from TLC's America's Worst TattoosI was born with a pencil in my hand and it really hurt my mother. Since then, the years have been spent tattooing, wearing out my shoes, and basting barbecue. After working with dozens of people up and down the coast, I have taken root in Philadelphia, this time for good.

I like candlelight dinners and Barry Manilow, and appreciate a nice chianti. My preferred tattoo style is new school, and my love of cover ups is only rivaled by the gods. For a good time, call me.

Fortunately, I wasn’t able to find any sexy photos of Tim wearing a pink corset.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, America’s Worst Tattoos will air Thursday night, June 21, at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c on TLC. Here are the episode descriptions from TLC:

10:00 “Crazy Clown, Bunny & Pony Obsessions”
People from across America show off their terrible tattoos, share the embarrassing stories behind them and then return to the chair for a Tattoo Transformation. In this episode a women whose ex gave her an X-rated tattoo gets a transformation.

10:30 “Mermaids, Moons & Mistakes”
Tattoo victims from across America show off their terrible tattoos, share the embarrassing stories behind them and then return to the chair for a Tattoo Transformation. In this episode a guy with “See More” on his butt gets a tattoo transformation.

Red-headed Megan Massacre photo: Joseph M. Berhosky /