PHOTO Farrah Abraham gets ‘MOM’ tattoo in honor of herself

Farrah Abraham MOM tattoo

It’s TGIF y’all! And by TGIF of course I mean “Thank God I’m Farrah,” which appears to be the message of Farrah Abraham’s new tattoo. The former Teen Mom showed off her new ankle ink (inkle?) yesterday, revealing a colorful floral background with a bright red heart, over top of which is a banner that reads “MOM.” Now, the “MOM” tattoo is perhaps the most common of all tattoos, but leave it to Farrah to make it a rare oddity by putting it in a rather unexpected self-centered context.

“Being the amazing mom I am:) #Tattoo <3 Always !" she tweeted along with the tat pic, revealing that she got the "MOM" tattoo not in honor of her mother Debra Danielsen, but as a tribute to herself! Proud parent tattoos are no rarity either, but they usually reference a child (or children) or are at least prefaced with the word "PROUD" or something similar. I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard of any woman getting a "MOM" tattoo in honor of herself! Of course, I could be misinterpreting Farrah's inktentions, which might explain her next tweet from earlier today:

Perhaps it’s not complete yet and Farrah plans to go back in and have “BACKDOOR TEEN” added to the top? If so, Farrah, you have my apologies.

* It should be noted that the tattoo, when read from Farrah’s perspective or from someone looking at it with her ankle in the air (like if she were acting in a movie, for example), reads “WOW.”

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