VIDEO TLC announces Buying Naked show… And it’s exactly what you’d expect

Buying Naked TLC

Looking to fill the obvious void in home-buying shows, TLC announced a full season of Buying Naked.

From the network: “In a community where ‘in the flesh’ takes on a whole new meaning, clothing-optional clients shop the real-estate market with the help of expert realtor Jackie Youngblood. Pasco County, Fla., boasts the largest concentration of nudist communities in the nation, and happily holds the title of ‘Nudist Capital of America.'”

Apparently nudists look for very specific things in homes, such as ideal countertop heights, rounded corners and flooring that won’t lead to rug burns.

“Routine tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even just walking can present safety risks for the unclothed occupants of the home. Fortunately, Jackie and her team take extra care to uncover the perfect property to accommodate their clients’ unique needs and lifestyles.”

TLC aired a Buying Naked special last November — as they usually do before ordering a full season. In it, the fully clothed Jackie showed nude homebuyers around potential properies. Strategically placed houseplants or fixtures concealed certain parts of the buyers’ anatomy to keep it fit for TLC.

Here’s semi-SFW glimpse at what to expect…

An eight-episode run of Buying Naked will premiere on TLC on Saturday, June 28 at 10/9c.

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