VIDEO ‘Teen Mom’ Season 2, Episode 3 ‘Valentine’s Day’

Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 3 Valentine's Day

Episode three of the second season of Teen Mom was called “Valentine’s Day” and it took viewers’ hearts for a loop de loop as it followed the emotional roller coaster love lives of Amber, Maci, Catelynn and Farrah on and around February 14.

Maci struggled with the fact that Ryan brought his girlfriend with him to drop off Bentley, realizing that she wanted to start looking for someone that she could spend the rest of her life with – something she didn’t think was possible before because of the time constraints and responsibilities that go along with being a working single mom.

Maci had recently gotten a call from Kyle, who she had been interested in dating prior to getting pregnant but had refrained due to the fact that he lived a good distance away. Her loneliness apparently shortened the distance as she gave Kyle a call and drove to meet him for a fun, smooch-filled night out on the town! (You can read more about Kyle HERE)

Amber and Gary continued with their explosive and enraged co-dependent nightmare as the issue of marriage is brought up over Valentine’s Day dinner. Amber wants to be engaged but Gary seems to think that it’s to big of a step (to take again?). Amber starts her screaming and Gary begins again with threats of leaving – all the while Leah continues to have a negative reaction to it all.

This relationship is toxic, toxic, toxic and would almost be humorous if it were a cartoon or a Coen Brothers movie, but these are two real people with a real child and their vitriolic rage (and violence!) towards one another has created a horrible environment for Leah.

Catelynn and Tyler seem to be headed back to becoming the romantic and mature poster children of the series as Tyler surprises Catelynn with flowers and a trip to the ice skating rink. Though we do see glimpses on the loving, heart-on-his-sleeve Tyler from season one, it’s obvious that something has changed with him as he becomes more like a stereotypical guy – and not in a good way.

Farrah reads daughter Sophia a card Farrah made for her 1st birthday
In addition to Valentine’s Day, it was also Sophia’s 1st birthday!

Farrah’s Valentine’s Day didn’t involve a new relationship but focused on two of her older relationships, which she talks openly to a therapist about. Her fallout with mother Debra seems irreconcilable as Farrah reveals her mom was harshly judgmental when Farrah was pregnant, even going so far as to calling her a “wh0re.” And for the first time on Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant, Farrah talks about the death of her daughter Sophia’s father Derek Underwood.

She doesn’t talk about the car wreck, but she does reveal that she was very close to him, that his death haunts her and she has no one to talk to about it. It’s very painful to watch as Farrah reveals these feelings to the therapist, but it helps to explain a lot about Farrah’s actions and her anger during the two shows. Farrah later sat down with MTV’s SuChin Pak to discuss Derek – you can watch that video HERE.

The wild ride of a season should continue and I only hope that the Farrah, Maci, Catelynn and Tyler continue in a positive direction. As far as Amber and Gary – without some kind of SERIOUS therapy or religious conversion it seems these two are destined for a violent life filled with animosity and rage – a shining example that sometimes staying together for the sake of a child may not be the best thing.

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