RHOA Why did Marlo kick out her nephews?

RHOA’s Marlo Hampton has been the caretaker for her teenage nephews, Michael and William, for several years while their mother is going through a difficult time. She’s been open about what a great experience having the boys in her home has been, so it was a shock when she revealed on the show last week that she kicked the boys out. What happened and where are they staying?

Marlo got fed up with her nephews soon after her blow-out with Kenya Moore. “I just freaked out the other day. I was so pissed at the boys,” she explained on the show.

She said she had come home mad after fighting with Kenya on camera. The next day she took the boys to the laundry mat. She says three days later she found a load of their clothes that had not been properly dried, so they smelled “sour.”

She said that Michael punched a wall. She was also angry at finding potato chips bags under the bed and a laptop that she had previously taken away. She said after three years with them she needed “a break.”

After Marlo kicked them out they went to stay with a different aunt, her younger sister Crystal who had four toddler boys at home. Marlo says that she chose Crystal to send them to because she knows that she “gets the job done.”

Sheree Whitfield didn’t quite understand why Marlo felt like she had to kick the boys out. She asked Marlo to dig deeper about why this happened.

Marlo explained that she grew up in a household where her mother was addicted to drugs and she felt like she didn’t have anyone to rely on. She said she wanted to give them a shock to make them see how good they have it.

She also revealed that she feels afraid of failing as a parent, and she needs some time for herself for her own well-being and sanity.

The plan is for the boys to return to Marlo’s household for thirty days. During this month she also plans to send her sister Crystal some money to help care for them.

When Marlo told Kandi that she kicked the boys out, she freaked out. Marlo told Kandi that she was losing herself, she was drinking more, crying more.

Kandi was concerned that the boys might feel rejected by being kicked out of her home while they were already going through a lot with their mother. Kandi has sympathy for Marlo, but feels like she should have put her own feelings to the side when she decided to accept the responsibility of taking care of the boys.

Later Kandi spoke with Kenya about Marlo kicking the boys out. Kandi says that hearing that they were kicked out made her tear up because she took in her cousin at one point and couldn’t imagine doing the same thing.

Kenya agreed with Kanid’s judgment about Marlo’s decision: “It’s adding to their trauma.”

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