[VIDEO] Pistachio commerical innuendo: Levi Johnston now uses protection

Levi Johnston appears in a pistachio commercial

Levi Johnston is sneaking up on us, trying to carve out a celebrity career based on fathering a baby with the daughter of Alaska’s former governor (A.K.A. the Lady Who Screwed up John McCain’s Chance to be President). Kathy Griffin really helped boost his fledgling famewh*re career when she escorted him to the Teen’s Choice Awards.

He’s also blabbed secrets about living with Sarah Palin to Vanity Fair (basically that she prefers to lay around in her pajamas watching reality T.V. over working, just like me!) He’s gabbed with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! and has probably done a million little things I don’t even know about. As we speak his manager is probably negotiating with Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin about appearing on their Douchebag Dads show. To help fill in the gaps, he’s appeared in a saucy pistachio commercial, which is supposed to be selling nuts, but it’s really just selling Levi Johnston. Expect to see more of this kid. Much more.

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