Mel Gibson’s DUI is expunged – Does that mean his anti-Jew rant is also erased?


Mel Gibson’s widely publicized 2006 DUI arrest (in which he also when on an anti-Semitic rant and allegedly made sexist remarks) has been erased in the eyes of the law today. A Malibu judge has granted an request by Gibson’s lawyer that the charge be expunged. (source: RadarOnline)

After being arrested for going 85 mph with a blood alcohol level of .12 (in California legally drunk is 0.8), Gibson was sentenced to 3 years probation. Now, three years, and at least one mistress later, Gibson decided it was time to erase the past, for good.

But, the main point of interest behind Mel Gibson’s arrest wasn’t his blood alcohol level, it was his comments about Jews and women that people remember. Here’s a quote from the police report, via TMZ:

“‘F*****g Jews… The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.’ Gibson then asked the deputy, ‘Are you a Jew?'”

He also allegedly called a female officer “Sugar-tits”, but Mel denies that ever happened. He can’t, however, deny his anti-semitic tirade. Gibson may have been able to erase this July 28, 2006 incident from the legal system, but he can’t erase it from the history books, or our memories.

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