VIDEO PHOTOS Meet Kianna Randall from 16 and Pregnant

Kianna Randall from 16 and Pregnant

I’m cutting it a little close on the profile post for Kianna Randall, the star of tonight’s episode of 16 and Pregnant. (Thank you MTV for making it so hard to track down the Teen Mom Season 3 commercials!) Much like Cleondra Carter from earlier this season, Kianna isn’t a big social media person. So, there really isn’t a lot to work with biographically – BUT there IS a lot to work with in the drama department! More on that in a minute.

16 and Pregnant's Kianna Randall with her son Kay'Den Elijah

Let me start with what I do know. 17-year-old (for five more days) Kianna Randall is from Dallas, Texas and was born on June 12, 1993, and wants to be a veterinarian. Kianna was 16 when she got pregnant and delivered her son, Kay’Den Elijah, after 27 hours of labor on October 18, 2010 at the age of seventeen.

Zak Hegab and son Kay'Den from 16 and Pregnant

Kay’Den’s dad is Zak Hegab, who is (according to his sister Yosi) “half Egyptian, Mexican, lil German, French and Indian.” (As little as I know about Kianna, I know even less about Zak.)

Here’s a preview clip from her episode in which Kianna talks with her mom, who has some rather sobering insight on parenting – especially considering Kianna only has $130 saved up!

A big part of Kianna and Zak’s storyline will reportedly be debating whether or not to give their child up for adoption, which they eventually decide [SPOILER ALERT] not to do.

But, judging from what they’ve written on Facebook and Twitter, adoption is only one of many things this young couple likes to argue about! (And argue is me being nice.)

Kianna Randall and baby daddy Zak Hegab from 16 and Pregnant

Kianna Randall’s official Facebook fan page starts off real nice, with baby bump photo contests, discussions about whether or not Leah Messer and Corey Simms are splitting up, and links to anti-bullying sites and videos. But then Mother’s Day comes (May 8) and all hell breaks loose! From this point on in the post I’m not going to write too much – there’s simply no need. I believe you will learn a lot more about what to expect tonight from Kianna’s own keyboard!

First, let me set the roller coaster up with a rather serene and peaceful post made by Kianna on May 3, apparently after Kianna and Zak had just reconciled (again):

So everybody thinqs are all diffrent now ; things are taking a big twist ! Zak and I are officially working things out, and I have came to the aqreement to put my rinq back on. It’s best to work thinqs out then sit here mad at each other, and hurting because we want eachother. Yaknoe?

That lasted less than a week. Here’s a post from May 9 followed by Zak’s reaction and Kianna’s return smack down:

[May 9] Kianna Randall Offical Fanpage So me and zak are now fiqhtinq ; he cheatedd on me W/ some female names Tiffinay and to make it worse it was on mothers day ; and he didnt even spend an hour W/ me on the day : ) so now it is officially over and who knows what wil happen after this ! – Kianna

[May 11] Zak ‘Fuccem Hoes’ Hegab thats not wat happend

[May 11] Kianna Randall Offical Fanpage let yuu tell it huh ? lmao bych yu took a female out on mothers day ta mention a f**kin ho thats been riound the block a couple fuccin times . shxtt even yo closest niqqa said she a ho but thats irrelevent to this post ! ima leave it at th…at yu cheated when yu was suppose ta be wit ya mama leavin a bych lonley at home all by he self with the bby ; but its okay cuhh ma girls came took ma mind of shxt and lmfao ta let it out yu gun end up wit a std f**kin a nasty girl lmao

(The only editing I did was the addition of four asterisks. Kianna is a bit of a grammatical rebel who probably isn’t a very big fan of “Words with friends.” Even though her consistent use of the letter “Q” in place of “G” could add up points rather quickly!)

16 and Pregnant's Kianna Randall's Twitter photo

The cheating incident must have motivated Kianna to “get the word out” because she signed up for Twitter on May 10 and soon began firing away at Zak:

lmfo ; what typee of daddy dont even call nor text ta ask about they son ; lmfao and yuu call yourselff a qhudd dadd

The spiteful tweets continued on May 19:

How my babydaddy ganna take my son to some bitch house?!

babydaddy sweaar he wanna nother baby with me , what that bych getting?

f**kin me and tellin me all types of shxt ; talkin bout yu widh i loved you lOl , then all up tiffany ass booboo it dont work that way

Thinkin bout our first date at the movies ; what happened to them days Zak , when erveything was all good and perfect ?

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse the roller coaster goes straight up in the air for a loop de loop! The tweets pick up on May 21 (two days later mind you):

Now layin down wit ma baby zak in tha bed iswear he be qittin it in #jussayinn

Will always enjoy cuddlinn wit zak

Lovee wakin up to my babyy and sonn …

I feel so stupidd but thiss feels soo riqhtt ,

Kianna Randall Zak Hegab and Kay'Den enjoy more peaceful times

And just to show you how much bang for your buck you get when you hop aboard the Kiannacoaster at Six Flags Over Texas, here are some more tweets from nine days down the tracks:

[May 29] Tell me why he still talkin ta olgirl then cumn ova here ta ma place … like wtf Zak is yu serious ? thanq is she tha one lookin stupidd “/

[May 30] Sitting her wonderin what it gon be like wit ouh zak in muh lifee …

What’s really amazing is that Kianna is worried about her episode airing because she thinks it will be boring. When asked why she thought that on Formspring, Kianna replied, “i dont know i just dont think we have enough drama going on.” Something tells me that is not possible! How could it be possible from someone who captions this next picture by tweeting, “My bby nd tha car jnocked tf out:”

Kianna Randall's son Kay'Den Elijah from 16 and Pregnant

And I think I will wrap up this post with Kianna’s response to someone complaining about her spelling and grammar on Twitter:

idc if yu cant undastand me qurh idnt even fuccn knw yuu …

I can’t begin to describe the perfection in that response! I can’t wait for 10 o’clock!