Lindsey Harrison catches baby’s father Forrest cheating!

Lindsey Harrison has had enough of her baby daddy drama. Not only did she catch her baby’s father Forrest cheating, he allegedly got physical with her in front of their daughter, Aniya! On top of all that, he was also allegedly using drugs – and had even brought them into their home! This 16 & Pregnant star (who is rumored to be cast on Teen Mom 3) needs to get her daughter far, far away from Forrest — and that is exactly what she has done.

Lindsey revealed to her followers, “I found drugs in our room he was on them while he was cheating.” Wow, it’s one thing to catch your partner doing drugs, but finding out that they are in your home is taking things to a whole other level. Forest had cheated on her with a girl named Megan and when Lindsey confronted him about it, he got physical with her, shoving her to the ground while she was holding their daughter.

“Aniyah will not be around drugs & an abusive person,” Lindsey told fans. “My stuff is packed & I’m gone for good. I would never be with a cheater or an abusive man.” After finding out about his infidelities, Lindsey arranged for her and her daughter to move out of Reno and also plans on changing her phone number so that Forrest can not reach her.

If you remember, Lindsey Harrison is a trained cage fighter, so ol’ Forrest better keep an eye out!

Lindsey Harrison catches baby daddy Forrest cheating on her, alleges he had drugs in the house

“I want to give Aniyah a happy positive life. & if being a single mom is what it takes then so be it.” We are glad that Lindsey is doing what’s best for her and her daughter. Neither of them should be around an abusive drug user — that’s just dangerous!

“Only a fool would look back,” she says. That’s right, girl.

Now maybe Lindsey can focus on her cage fighting and modeling, the latter of which appears to be going extremely well!

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison looking beautiful in a modeling photo