Farrah Abraham’s car was stolen in Beverly Hills

Grand Theft Auto Farrah Abraham

It’s been a crazy few months for Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham. In addition to being fired from the show and then filing a lawsuit against MTV and producers as a result, Farrah just had her car stolen!

The grand theft auto went down in Beverly Hills on Saturday after Farrah left her rental Hyundai in a parking garage while visiting a private residence. TMZ reports that Farrah left the keys in the car, and three men jacked her whip — two of which were caught on security camera.

Police later spotted the stolen vehicle after running the tag and pulled it over. There were three men inside and they were all arrested and charged with grand theft auto.

Ummmm… It sounds like Beverly Hills car thieves need to up their game! Of all the cars available in Beverly Hills, you steal a Hyundai? And then you and your two buddies keep the car and ride around in it for two days? Now, as far as the grand theft auto charge, that seems a bit extreme to me. The way I figure it, the car was a rental and they had it for two days, which is probably a $100 value. (Just joking of course.)

Farrah Abraham Maserati

We have yet to address the biggest question arising from the story: What in the world was Farrah doing driving a Hyundai?! What happened to her Maserati? “She still has the Maserati,” her dad Michael tells us. “The rental was a loaner because it was in for service and repairs.”

The theft was a huge inconvenience for the always busy Farrah. “It’s a shame because no one, including Farrah and Sophia, need that type of thing in their lives,” Michael says. “Between being a great single mom, school, extra classes they are both taking, working, and managing her businesses she does not need distractions.”

One interesting thing to point out is that TMZ reports that “some stuff was taken” from the vehicle. Lets just hope that didn’t include either Farrah or Sophia’s phone with all those naked pics!

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