VIDEO Man distracted by texting walks into a bear

Smokey the Bear poster

Now we know why Tarzan doesn’t have a cell phone.

A KTLA news helicopter was tracking a 500 pound black bear walking the streets of La Crescenta, California Tuesday morning when the furry feller turned the corner to walk down an alley. Also walking down the alley was a man who appeared to be texting on his phone, and completely unaware of what he was walking into. Comedy ensued.

Could you imagine that happening to you?!? We actually created the text conversation we imagine this guy was having at the time (yeah, we have too much time on our hands)…

What the man who ran into the bear while texting might have been texting

Hmmm… This story actually sounds like the beginning of a joke doesn’t it? A man and a cell phone walk into a bear…

And in case you wanted a little more background info on the bear story, police were called around 3am Tuesday morning by someone claiming to have seen a bear in the 2800 block of Manhattan Avenue, KTLA-TV reported.

La Crescenta station sheriff’s deputies and the Glendale Police Department responded, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Mark Slater.

“We did locate about a 500, 600-pound bear in this immediate area,” Sgt Slater of the La Crescenta station said.

“He’s been wandering through the residential area for the last several hours.”

“Department of Fish and Game is en route,” Slater continued. “They have ultimate responsibility over it. Our role right now is if the bear is docile and just hunkering down, we’ll let him continue that until Fish and Game gets here.”

The bear is believed to be the same one that was reported last month breaking into a garage, prying open a refrigerator, and eating a bunch of frozen meatballs.

DID YOU KNOW? The fear of bears is called melissophobia.