MULTIPLE CHOICE with Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas at Malaga University

Here is a photo of Spanish actor Antonio Banderas taken May 5, 2010. Your job is to figure out which of the following explains what you’re looking at! Is it:

A. Antonio has a new rap album

B. Antonio received an honorary doctorate degree from Malaga University

C. Antonio will be playing the dust mop in the new Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast

D. Antonio is merely showing off his Championship ring after winning the first ever World Cup of Doily Koosh Ball

The Answer? B. Antonio received the ‘Doctor Honoris Causa’ award from Malaga University in Malaga, Spain, which essentially means he is Dr. Antonio now! Malaga is a port city in the south of Spain and is also the hunky Spaniard’s hometown.

The good Doc will once again be the voice of the swashbuckling Puss in Boots in the upcoming 4th installment of the Shrek franchise titled Shrek Forever After, which opens nationwide May 21.