VIDEO Justin Timberlake brings Garth Brooks out on stage for a song



They didn’t quite bring sexy back, but Justin Timberlake and newfound pal Garth Brooks did bring the house down during Timberlake’s recent Nashville concert. J-Timb, as friends and close family know him, hails from nearby Memphis, so the N-Ville concert stop was a homecoming of sorts. The Timberman thought he’d celebrate the occasion by calling on his high-placed friend to help with a low-placed cover.

The Timber had recently covered Brooks’ hit “Friends in Low Places” at an Oklahoma City show, and, this time Brooks indulged him by coming onstage to join in. He was stoked about it, too: the new-to-Facebook Brooks shared a short video of the two onstage, captioned with “I saw an ENTERTAINER tonight!” and the hashtag #justincredible.

Check out the video of their performance and see how they did:



That’s a sold-out Bridgestone Arena going nuts for J-Timb and the Artist Formerly Known as Chris Gaines at the exact same time. Interesting demographical mix, no?

And, before you ask, the answer is an unfortunate “No”: Despite repeated calls for a Chris Gaines retrospective encore, including some homemade signs and a persistent (and surprisingly young) cheering section on the right side of the floor, no Gaines-era material was played. Rumors do persist that Brooks will follow this leg of his comeback tour with a revamping of the CG persona.

(Photo Credit: The Tennessee Kids Facebook group)

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