VIDEO Joy-Anna Duggar is officially holding hands with Austin Forsyth


Another Duggar daughter is ready to wed as the family officially announced that Joy-Anna Duggar is engaged to Austin Forsyth.

TLC, the network that airs Counting On, posted a video in which the happy couple shared the good news.

Austin: Joy-Anna and I just got engaged.

Joy-Anna: We were going to go horse riding and I decided to bring Johanna and Jennifer along because I knew that they would enjoy that. They got to be the chaperones for this date. Austin made this day really really special and then he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

Austin: I knew we were ready for this next step because everything fell into place. The OK from Mr. Duggar and my dad and just timing on the Lord. Everything was just perfect.

Joy-Anna, 19, told viewers during a November episode of Counting On that she and Austin had entered into and official courtship. The pair had been friends for nearly 15 years before deciding to become romantic. She leaned a lot on older married sisters Jill, Jessa and Jinger for advice on navigating the strict dating rituals practiced by the family that prohibits kissing until marriage and limits physical contact to side-hugs.

The excited and eager Duggar added, “Now that we are engaged we are holding hands. So that’s pretty special… Thanks everyone for your support and well wishes for us. We’re so excited.”

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