VIDEO Jerry Seinfeld working on rap album with Wale

Jerry Seinfeld working on rap Album About Nothing with Wale

Jerry Seinfeld may soon be changing his name to LL Cool Jerry because the 58-year-old actor and comedian is teaming up with hip hop musician Wale on a new rap album!

Here’s the Youtube clip in which Jerry Seinfeld makes the announcement:

“Wale called me, he came to my show, we hung out a little bit,” Seinfeld says in the clip. “I didn’t understand it, but he did,” Jerry continues. “I kind of liked the guy. I dug the guy. I listened to his music. I liked the music. So I said ‘alright, I’ll do it,’ even though I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

As it turns out, Jerry’s wife Jessica is a HUGE Wale fan, and Jerry had no idea! Jerry explains how it all went down: “I said to my wife, ‘I’m doing this thing with this guy, Wale,’ and she said, ‘Wale is my favorite hip hop artist anywhere!'”

For those familiar with Wale, the Seinfeld collaboration isn’t a complete shock given the fact that he released a collection of songs inspired by the show in 2008 titled The Mixtape About Nothing.

So why wasn’t Jessica able to make the Jerry connection before? “Somehow she missed everything that had to do with me,” Jerry explains, “but has every other cut — everything else he’s done.”

Jerry sums up the whole thing by exclaiming, “It was unbelievable! We’re living together, she’s into him, he’s into me, and I didn’t know about the whole thing.”

There’s no further information on when fans can expect to get their own copy of The Album About Nothing, and all the video clip says is “Coming Soon.”

Until then, I thought it might be fun to come up with a few Seinfeld inspired rapper names Jerry might consider using as his new moniker! Afte rI put the post up I’ll even tweet a few and see if we can’t get the #Seinfeldrappernames hash tag going 🙂

The Snoop Nazi
Bania West
Master P of My Domain
Puffy Shirt Daddy
Kanye Westivus