VIDEO Full Briana DeJesus Vince Russo interview and recap! Briana talks about Javi, Kail, Stella, Devoin, and pretty much everything else

Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus Vince Russo podcast

Podcaster and Teen Mom enthusiast Vince Russo continues his string of interviews with franchise cast members, and this week he spoke with Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus about everything ranging from her plastic surgeries, to her conflicts with her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, to the status of her relationships with her children’s dads, to whether or not the potential Stella adoption story line was faked for the show.

We will start with the Stella adoption. Vince references his prior Teen Mom interviews and says that they everyone he has talked with has mentioned how heavily edited the show is and how there are occasionally story lines that are created just for the show. He asks if Briana considering placing Stella for adoption was one of those made up story lines. Being the true Teen Mom fan that he is, Vince even brings up the fact that Briana had mentioned numerous times on social media prior to getting pregnant with Stella that she wanted more children.

From Briana:

I always wanted more kids. I still want more kids, but my situation wasn’t wasn’t the best. I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes that I made with Devoin, so when I found out I was pregnant with Stella, it caught me off guard because me and Luis wasn’t really together. It was basically a hit it and quit it, or whatever you want to say. I knew Luis wasn’t going to be there, so I was, like, let me just explore my options.

Briana also talks about how she will approach the subject once Stella is old enough to watch the episodes. She says that she will sit down with her daughter and be honest with her. “It’s not that I didn’t want her, I just wanted her to have a better life,” Briana says. “I wanted her to have a mom and dad, I wanted her to be able to go to all these type of extra activities at school. I wanted her to have the best and I knew that I couldn’t do that by myself, so I thought that was the best option — to give Stella up for adoption. But now it’s just, like, you know, God gave me this baby and I’m gonna keep this baby and I’ll figure it out.”

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Vince brings up the recent reports that Briana is currently living with one of her exes and he asks Briana to clarify whether those reports are true or not.

“Devoin is currently living with me,” Briana admits. “I really don’t want to talk about his personal business because it’s not really up for me to discuss, but he’s living with me right now, and I think it’s best for Nova they get to bond. This is…the first time they’ve been together for this long. He’s been at my house for almost two months, and, you know, he’s helping with Nova, and he helps me with Stella as well. So, it’s working out so far.”

Vince seems a bit incredulous that the relationship is purely Platonic and he asks Briana “Is there hanky-panky going on?”

Briana responds with an emphatic “No! F**kin’ no!”

“Well wait a minute, hold on!” Vince laughs. “You said he’s been there for about two months?”

“Yes,” affirms Briana.

“There’s gonna start being maybe a little flirting, some — I mean you know…”

Briana nips that speculation right in the bud. “I have no feelings for Devoin,” Briana says flatly. “His presence just really annoys me, but at the end of the day it’s for Nova, so…”

So what about Briana’s relationship with Stella’s father Luis? “He lives in New York,” Briana says. “I don’t hear from him. He never tries calling Stella. He pays for for her daycare, but that’s about it…There’s no relationship between Luis and Stella.” Briana says that the last time Luis saw Stella was when she was roughly two months old.

Vince then tells Briana that he is going to share with her his biggest criticism of her. He describes the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry is dating a woman whose appearance completely changes depending on the lighting — sometimes beautiful, sometimes “not as much beautiful — a little bit like a monster,” as Vince puts it. He says that is how he feels about Briana.

Here’s a clip of “Two Face” herself:

Vince explains: “Briana, when you get dolled up, you are striking! You are beautiful! But then sometimes you got that Amber bunhead, and you got the sweats, and I’m like: ‘Briana! Vince is watching this show, get dolled up for me!'”

Briana laughs off the observation and explains: “Listen, I don’t have time to do my makeup every day. I don’t have time to get dressed up for the cameras every day. So this is f**king reality.”

Vince cleverly uses his observation about Briana’s appearance to transition into another controversial subject that often comes up when people talk about her. “Briana, let me tell you why I brought that up — because I’m gonna segue into something here,” he starts, before reminding Briana and the listeners that he is old enough to be Briana’s father and is about to become a grandfather himself. “Briana, I gotta ask you this because stuff like this puzzles me — you’ve been very, very public about getting, you know, surgeries and enhancements…You’re a beautiful young lady. Like, honestly, I don’t understand when I look at you — you’re a beautiful, striking, bubbly — the whole package. Why do you go get these things done?”

“Maybe I’m a little insecure?” Briana asks. “I don’t know, you know? People have insecurities.”

Vince’s co-host Noel asserts: “You don’t need it.”

“I know, I know,” says Briana, “but it’s not like I touched my face, I just I had a tummy tuck done — my stomach was horrible, that had to get fixed whether it was today or 20 years from now. I got my boobs done because when you have a baby and you stop breastfeeding they literally sag to your f**king knees.” She then explained that most of the reason she went back to Dr. Miami was to correct some things from her previous visit with him.

Briana DeJesus before and_after and after boob job and then breast implant reduction

“The surgery that I got before, Dr. Miami did too much, and after I had Stella, you could see that I looked weird. I looked f**king weird. Soo, I had to fix it.” She says her most recent visit was in order to make everything proportional. “Now I’m super small,” she says. “I look like my normal self again, and I don’t think I’m going to get surgery anymore.”

Vince then brings up the conflicts between Briana and some of her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. He points out that when Briana first started the show, she didn’t really know any of the other moms, so she was starting with a clean slate. But, over time, lines were drawn, and now it seems like it is Briana and Jenelle versus all the other moms on the show.

Briana explains that Javi and her sister Brittany were close friends before they ever even considered dating themselves. She says they “went to Disney together, they traveled into this and that — I was not part of it because I was busy with Nova and I always had to work.”

When I was brought onto the show, Javi and I started talking just as friends. I didn’t want anything more than just friends, and I always told him that: ‘We gotta stay friends, we gotta stay friends, we gotta stay friends.’ He’s the one that wanted more. He talked to my mom saying he wanted to date me. He talked to my cousin saying that he wanted to date me. He talked to everybody in my family asking if he could date me.

So, whatever, [we] still talk [and] hangout. Kail found out about me and Javi being friends and she didn’t like it. Javi took Isaac and Lincoln to Orlando and Kail didn’t want Javi to hang out with my family. Javi was gonna hang out with us anyways. So she was upset that we were all hanging out, that I was hanging out with him again, and the kids were hanging out all together. So she felt some type of way already — that’s layer two.

Then, me and Javi started talking more. I guess you could say ‘we had feelings for each other,’ and Kail wanted me to tell her that Javi and I were together, but Javi and I didn’t really know what we were, so why am I gonna tell Kail that we’re together or ask for her permission if I don’t even know what the f**k is really going on anyways. So she was upset. Layer three.

Briana DeJesus quote about Kail being angry about Javi

Then finally, Javi and I got together, did our thing. She was p!ssed! Literally p!ssed! And then I don’t know what happened after that. Things — me and Javi fell off a little bit, you know? He didn’t want me to get my surgery and he didn’t want it to be filmed. He didn’t want my body over the internet. He wanted me to move into his house in Delaware. He wanted me to do all these things, and I wasn’t ready for that commitment just yet.

Briana says that she was open to all of these things “down the road,” and she even says they discussed marriage, but it was too soon for her. “That’s why him and I just didn’t work out.”

After they broke up, Briana points out that Javi decided to go on Kail’s podcast, “and then it just escalated from there.” She talked about Kail being so upset: “Why are you so salty that me and Javi are together? Me and you are not friends. I’m not breaking girl code…It was over with her and Javi — what does she have to be upset about? That’s what I never understood. Maybe she just didn’t want nobody to be with Javi. She’s very protective of her Javi.”

Briana says Javi’s reaction to Devoin moving in to help with Stella after Briana’s most recent surgery, combined with what he said about her on Kail’s podcast was the “cherry on the cake” that ended their relationship.

Teen Mom 2 Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus break up again over ex Devoin Austin?

Vince then mentions recent reports that Briana was considering leaving Teen Mom 2, and Briana confirms it was something she was considering:

When Teen Mom 3 ended, I had my life back. Nobody was bothering me, I wasn’t in the public eye, and it was great! Then Teen Mom 2 came about and now I’m in the public eye — articles left and right, on TV — and I knew that’s what I signed up for, but it’s, like, is it worth it? Is it worth being on TV [inaudible]? Because, to be honest, it’s really not. Like, all the sh!t that you get, people end up in f**king hospitals, like, it’s not worth it. And at the end of the day, I gotta take care of my kids, though, so I’m on the show till they kick me off.

Another topic that is discussed is how Stella is doing given her health issues. Briana had some very good news about that:

When she was first born it was very scary because she couldn’t really catch her breath. She used to turn blue and it was. like, ‘Whew!’ It was very, very, very scary. But now that she has grown, two of her holes has closed and now she’s very — she’s much better…I’m sure she’s on the right track. We have enough appointment coming up to see her cardiologist, but so far I don’t think she’s gonna need any surgery.

“So do they think that that third hole will eventually heal on its own like the other two?” Vince asks.

“Yeah, it will heal on its own,” Briana says. “It’s very tiny, so it’s not going to have much of an effect on the other two.”

Later in the interview, Briana talks about the drama that went down the last time the Teen Mom 2 cast got together, and Vince couldn’t contain his excitement about the next reunion. “I can’t wait to see that reunion when you and Kail drop the gloves, because, let’s face it, you’re probably the only one who A: can stand up to her, and B: has the balls to just get — it’s gonna be money! HUGE money!”

Briana seems a little less excited. “It’s just in the past and I’m so over it. I’m just, like, f**k I gotta relive this whole situation all over again in a few months. I don’t know where my head is going to be at. I just don’t want to get fired at the end of the day, you know?”

Vince later suggests that Briana get her own podcast before revealing that he is currently helping Jenelle with hers! “I’m talking to Jenelle because Jenelle gets upset because Kail’s got her own podcast and Jenelle gets buried every week. So I said, ‘Jenelle, do you own podcast. It’s kind of that simple.’ She didn’t know how to do it, so I’m helping her out with that. You need to do the same. I’m telling you, you and your sister with your own podcast would be phenomenal.”

Briana responds by saying she will talk to Brittany about it.

OK, that’s it for this recap. There is SOOOOOOOO much more in the interview that I wasn’t able to include here, so to get all the Briana tea, you really need to listen to the entire episode.

Speaking of which, here it is! Vince and Noel talk all things Teen Mom before and after Briana’s appearance, but if you just want just her interview, it begins at right around the 40:00 mark and ends at roughly 1:22:00.

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