PHOTO VIDEO Courtland Rogers attends Jenelle’s court date, responds to her being jailed

Courtlan Rogers arrives at Jenelle Evans' court hearing and records it on keek

Jenelle Evans was in court today where she was facing a number of charges stemming from her arrest alongside husband Courtland Rogers on April 23. Jenelle’s new boyfriend Nathan Griffith was also there to offer moral support, and the two seemed in good spirits as they were photographed entering the courthouse. But Nathan wasn’t the only guy in attendance with a vested interest in the court proceedings — Jenelle’s ex Courtland also showed up, and it wasn’t to offer moral support!

Courtland tweeted about the experience and even posted a video of himself walking up to the courthouse:

“Oh man, at the courthouse, Brunswick County Courthouse,” Courtland begins as he walks. “I thought I’d meet Jenelle’s man for the first time — Mr. Nathan Griffith. This sh!t’s gonna be weird as f***! AWK-WARD! But, it is what it is. Thought I’d come in here and see what they do to Jenelle for her court date. I don’t know, y’all wish me luck. Love y’all.” He then smooches at the camera as the video ends.

And here is Courtland’s Twitter account of attending Jenelle’s court appearance, which Courtland apparently left early because it was causing him so much anxiety:

At the courthouse and there they are lol

This sh!ts crazyyyyyyyy

I had to leave before I heard them tell her !!! I know she will walk out of there for a fact with a smile on her face smdh #justice???

I left it was to much anxiety man my whole body was shaking I’m sorry I couldn’t wait it out but I know she is not going to jail 4 a fact

Courtland then offered up his reflections on everything that went down between him and Jenelle:

No matter what… All of this sh!t made me the person I am now… SOBER !! If none of this would of happened I don’t know where i’d be 2 day

So to each it’s own.. Life might not always b fair but atleast I’m alive to witness what really matters!!And this sobriety sh!t is amazing !

I hope everyone has a good day today ! Im going wakeboarding to take my mind off life !! B back later I love y’all more than u will ever kno

We then broke the news that Jenelle pleaded guilty to drug paraphernalia possession and was given 18 months unsupervised probation with all of the other charges she was facing today being dropped. But, as we reported, the judge ordered a drug test, which Jenelle took and tested positive for marijuana. He sentenced her to 48 hours behind bars and she is currently in jail until Wednesday morning.

Courtland responded to the news with:

Omfg they dropped everything and gave her unsupervised probation?? Smdh UNSUPERVISED???? Wow 48 hours in jail that’s tuff smdh really??

He then asked:

So she didnt get out of the heroin charge?? Is she in jail??

We had previously linked to a WECT story about Jenelle’s court hearing that stated “Rogers” still had felony drug charges pending, but that was in reference to Courtland and not Jenelle. (We misread it initially.) And yes, Jenelle is currently in jail, and will be until Wednesday morning at 9:30.

UPDATE – Courtland has apparently confirmed that Jenelle has gotten out of the heroin charges:

Yup she definitely got out of the heroin charge I just had it confirmed wtf smdh o well like I said atleast I admitted my problem! #truth

Heroin charges are being dismissed I just got word from my attorney I’m serious wtf is this really happening? It’s just NOT FAIR !!!!!!!!!!

heroin was in @PBandJenelley_1 ‘s car I saw her throw it when the cop pulled us over and i immediately got out stating that it was there

Courtland then seems so frustrated by the whole ordeal that he wants to just wash his hands of it all:

I’m erasing all these tweets like I’m erasing her!! F*** it u live and u learn!! Y’all please stop me if I bring it back up it’s done!!!

i might not have the best past.. But right now I am doing the best I have ever done In my life and I admitted my problems to the whole world

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