VIDEO Heidi Montag and Ben Kingsley audition for Transformers 3

Transformers 3 starring Heidi Montag

After having ten cosmetic surgical procedures performed on her in one day I don’t think anyone would question The Hills star Heidi Montag’s qualifications as a Transformer! The Deceptiblond posted a video on her Facebook account Tuesday that she titled “Video to Michael Bay” in which she runs around a firing range shooting at paper targets. In the beginning of the video she is introduced by her shooting coach and she proclaims, “This is for you, Michael Bay.”

Michael Bay, as you may know, is the director of the Transformers movies whose much-publicized feud with star Megan Fox eventually led to her dismissal from the third installment of the robot flick franchise due out in July of 2011. As we reported in a previous post, claims they have a source confirming Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has gotten the lead role alongside Shia LaBeouf, but in Hollywood nothing is certain so we applaud Heidi for giving it a shot! (Although we would prefer that she not be allowed to use real bullets)

Heidi Montag's audition for Transformers 3

Montag is no stranger to the gun range – “Dirty Heidi” posted another video back in January where she shows off her shooting prowess with a semi-automatic assault rifle!

I suppose we should start taking bets as to how many days before Heidi “accidentally” shoots Spencer. I’m going to be optimistic and say….. 3 days.

UPDATE! Not to be outdone, Sir Ben Kingsley has also put his hat in the Transformers 3 ring with a similar audition to Heidi’s from George Lopez Tonight:

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