Bachelorette 2010 SPOILER Kimberly Kerekes photos

Kimberly Kerekes

This season of The Bachelorette has its fair share of explosive surprises in store, but perhaps none bigger than the phone call Ali Fedotowsky receives telling her one of the contestants has a girlfriend at home! But wait, there’s more!

***SPOILERS*** The contestant with a girlfriend at home is professional wrestler (and professional reality show star) Justin “Rated R” Rego and the girlfriend in question is Toronto brunette hottie Jessica Spillas. (See photos of Jessica HERE) Ahhhhhh, but the whole scandal broke, according to omniscient ABC reality show blogger Reality Steve, because Justin had TWO girlfriends at home!

In addition to Jessica, Justin was also reportedly dating blond bombshell Kimberly Kerekes! (How much you want to bet there’s also a red head girlfriend out there too, which would complete Justin’s Neopolitan girlfriend trio?)

Justin Rego's other girlfriend Kimberly Kerekes
Justin Rego (lower left) is regretting letting sexy Kimberly Kerekes get away!

Kimberly has since given a video interview to Radar Online during which she says,

“I did not know he had a girlfriend,” Kimberly said. “I thought I was his one and only.” Revealing details about his deal with the show, Kimberly said “he was under contract not to have another girlfriend so why would I think he would be with anyone other than me?”

She tells the site that Rego has since tried to apologize for misleading her but so far she is ignoring him.

You can read all about the Justin Rego girlfriend scandal HERE!

Photos (minus the Justin Rego overlays): Facebook
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