VIDEO Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, Erin Barry and Brent Barry together

Eva Longoria, Erin Barry, Tony Parker and Brent Berry in the 2007 Spurs River Parade

It was announced earlier today that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker and NBA star Tony Parker were getting a divorce and then this afternoon it was revealed that one of the reasons for the split was that Tony had been unfaithful, having affairs with at least two women!

One of the women Tony double dribbled on was his teammate Brent Barry’s wife Erin Barry! (This is reading like a Desperate Housewives script!) I did a profile post on Erin Barry earlier today with a photo of both couples together at a charity event in San Antonio from January of this year. Apparently the couples were close because I have since tracked down a video of the four of them seeming quite close!

Eva Longoria Parker, Tony Parker, Erin Barry, Brent Barry and the Barry’s son were grouped together on a barge for the 2007 Spurs River Parade in celebration of the San Antonio Spurs winning the 2007 NBA Championship. The video is a bit bumpy, but you can see all of them quite clearly:

Here’s the image from the top of the post with labels:

Eva Longoria Parker, Tony Parker and his mistress Erin Barry

And another, poorer quality video in which you can see Eva and Erin actually swap places at right around the 1:00 mark: