VIDEO – Did Kari Ann Peniche get kicked off of Celebrity Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew? Vase throwing and weave-pulling

Kari Ann Peniche leaves Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew

Disgraced Teen Queen and star of the McSteamy nude tape Kari Ann Peniche almost got kicked out of of Celebrity Rehab: Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew for throwing vases at people. It was only a matter of time because Kari wasn’t playing well with others from the very beginning. She never got up early enough to come to group therapy, and wouldn’t admit that she was troubled by childhood abuse. According to Kari, nothing was really wrong with her, so why was she even there?

Selma, the staff member who she threw a vase at was in her face about going to group, and then grabbed her weave and tugged like she was Sheree. She promptly got fired since it was all on tape, and Kari Ann got a stern warning.

What is that saying? Therapy only helps people who want help and don’t throw vases at people and don’t appear on television while doing it? I think that’s right. The full episode is below, but the vase-throwing happens in the very first segment.