Did Adam Lambert and boyfriend Drake LaBry break up?

Adam Lambert breaks up with Drake LaBry

Listen to Adam Lambert’s new music video Time for Miracles

Just Jared has a source telling them that Adam Lambert has dropped his Louisiana boy-toy Drake LaBry. The source says that the break-up was drama free, mutual and amicable! It’s also rather conveniently timed between the drop of Glambert’s shudder-inducing album cover,  the release of his album For Your Entertainment.

JJ’s source says:

“The relationship just ran its course. The break-up was mutual and amicable. They remain friends and still care for each other.”

Drake has supported Adam Lambert throughout his swift rise to fame via American Idol, so it’s a little odd that they’re parting ways now. It sounds like “the relationship just ran its course” is code for “Adam realized there were a lot of other guys and b00bies out there now that’s he’s a glittery pop icon.”

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