VIDEO – Christina Aguilera, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots perform “Your Body” with office supplies

Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” is already a success for her, but this new performance makes it even better.

Jimmy Fallon, his house band The Roots, and Christina Aguilera gave an impressive rendition of “Your Body” using only office supplies as instruments. Jimmy played a mean iPhone keypad, while others rocked out with a tissue box, coffee pots, a keyboard, and even scissors. It’s unclear how much noise the scissors were able to create, but they made some pretty cool visuals.

Christina Aguilera: vocals, stapler
Jimmy Fallon: iPhone keypad
Questlove: coffee pots with pencil drumsticks
Tuba Gooding Jr.: Scotch tape
Frank Knuckles: Poland Spring water cooler jug
Captain Kirk: tissue box & elastic band guitar
James Poyser: spiral notebook (a.k.a. the “tear snare”)
Mark Kelley: keyboard washboard
Black Thought: paper clip shaker
Kamal Gray: scissors

Office supply junkies everywhere are passing out from a joy overload.