VIDEO Jimmy Fallon does a perfect House of Cards parody

 Jimmy Fallon


Fresh off parodies of Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey, Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show writers have aimed directly at one of Netflix’ two acclaimed original dramas.

“House of Cue Cards” features Ellen Barken as a pitch-perfect Claire Underwood, a dead-on reference to Freddy’s Barbecue (and its’ one-sided relationship to the show’s protagonist), and a smattering of well-crafted penis jokes.

Enjoy all of that, plus a twist ending:




About the only other thing we could’ve hoped for was Fallon pushing Leno onto the tracks, in keeping with Frank Underwood’s own devious nature. But, then, that wouldn’t be as much of a twist.

And speaking of shocking news: despite rumors that the show wouldn’t be back until next summer, Netflix has announced a February 2015 release for House of Cards’ third season. Filming has already begun.

The third season will feature, among others, the Russian protest band Pussy Riot.

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