VIDEO Brody Jenner makes a dirty joke about Kim Kardashian, says Brandon Jenner kissed her

Brody Jenner Kim Kardashian

Things got a little more awkward on this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

After catching a glimpse of step-sister Kim Kardashian holding a personal wet t-shirt contest, Brody Jenner made a regrettable joke about getting a “half chub” during the previous episode. Making matters worse, he talked to Kris Jenner about the incident during Sunday’s airing.

“I joked about having a half chub, fully joking. But now everybody is really hounding on me,” Brody told his step-mom.

Kris didn’t seem very understanding, instead telling Leah and Brandon Jenner she believes Brody “is crushing on Kim.”

“Look at how red he is,” Kris teased. “I think you’ve got a crush since you were 7 years old.”

Seeking relief from the self-imposed embarrassment, Brody threw Brandon under the bus.

“That was him and Kim,” Brody claimed. “They kissed back in the day!”

Brandon tried to deny it, but didn’t seem too convincing…

Viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians are well aware that few subjects are off-limits for the family… But did the semi-incestuous jokes/revelations go too far?

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