VIDEO Anna Duggar is still pregnant, flew with Josh and Family to Illinois today

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Pregnant Anna Duggar has been more MIA than usual of late, leading many fans (and tabloids) to speculate on whether or not she secretly gave birth to her fifth child with husband Josh Duggar. That question has been answered thanks to a new video of Anna, Josh, and others from the Duggar clan arriving in Rockford, Illinois after a flight aboard “The Spirit of Tontitown” (aka the Duggars’ private airplane).

The video was posted by Rickie Traeger of Rickie says the family landed today at the Rockford Airport at approximately 1:07 PM CDT. In the video, you can clearly see Anna is still pregnant when she steps out of the plane right around the 35-second mark. Here’s the clip:

Rockford, Illinois is the location of the faith-based sex rehab center Reformers Unanimous, where Josh stayed beginning in 2015. Because of this, there’s gossip that Josh my be returning for some more rehabilitation. “Other rumors have said the Duggars choose Rockford as the place to have their child,” Rickie adds, “because of their family ties to the local churches and religion.”

I thought maybe Rockford was in line with the total solar eclipse tomorrow, but checking a map shows that is clearly not the case. They wouldn’t be any closer to the path of totality than they were in Arkansas.

As far as Anna Duggar’s due date, most have speculated that it is some time this month. She and Josh announced she was pregnant with a boy back in mid-March. Generally, you need to be 16 to 20 weeks to determine the sex, which would mean Anna is currently between 38 and 42 weeks along!

Plus, if she is that late in her pregnancy, should Anna even be flying? I hit up Google and the top result sent me to “If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, it can be safe to fly during most of it,” the site says, before adding: “In certain high-risk cases, your healthcare provider may advise you to stay close to home throughout your pregnancy.” It later says that the second trimester might be the best option given that most women are over their morning sickness by then. It concludes by stating very clearly: “But don’t fly after 36 weeks.” Hmmm…

Stay tuned — I am guessing we will be getting another Dugger birth announcement very soon!

UPDATE – Anna Duggar just tweeted a family photo from Rockford! What the what?!

She reveals that she and the fam were in town for…a musical Christian pirate party? (I’ve always felt a little uneasy at how we have trivialized what pirates really were — murderers, rapists, thieves, etc — but that seems even more of a stretch in a church setting. What do I know though. Maybe 100 years from now there will be a Patch the Terrorist or Patch the Nazi spreading the Word to children through song?) And it’s interesting to note that the Prate party was at the place Josh received his sex addict rehab treatment. OK Josh, arrrrrrr you going back to rehab?

H/T: Duggar Family News

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