UNEXPECTED YouTuber JiDion rewards Jason & Kylen with shopping spree, college fund for Xavier

YouTuber JiDion and professional rawdogger Jason Korpi from Unexpected

Unexpected dad Jason Korpi has quickly become one of the most criticized teen parents in the five-season history of the TLC reality series. However, the self-proclaimed “professional rawdogger” has at least one big fan, and that fandom resulted in more than $11,000 worth of baby products and college fund money for Jason and Kylen’s son Xavier!

The teen parents’ fan and benefactor is YouTuber Jidon Adams, who has more than 4.5 million subscribers under the name JiDion. Jason and Kylen showed up on JiDion’s radar thanks to one of Jason’s many memorable quotes during the Unexpected Season 5 Premiere.

“I have this sort of thing where I don’t like condoms and I don’t use them,” Jason reveals during a couch confessional.
“Well, you put it on and then took it off,” Kylen adds.
“Because I’m a professional rawdogger,” Jason explains.

It seems that “professional rawdogger” is a term that JiDion is famous for. He even offers merch with the slogan on his website, including a $25 professional rawdogger t-shirt and a $45 professional rawdogger hoodie.

JiDion did a reaction video to the scene in which Jason dropped the term:

After his initial screaming and hooting and hollering, JiDion says that he should reward Jason for the perceived shout out. “Bro, I have to do something for the baby,” he says in the clip.

“That was a W shout out, but we gotta look at the situation. We got two teens that are still in high school — I’m assuming they’re still in high school. They probably [don’t] have no type of bread at all. I bet you bro doesn’t have more than 300 dollars in his bank account.”

JiDion then makes an assumption about Jason and Kylen’s relationship and personal situation. “Obviously he don’t want that to be his main girl. He just f***ed up, and now he’s a baby daddy at 18, and she’s still 17. She’s not even — she’s not even legally an adult yet, and she’s already about to be a mother.”

“Even though there’s a W in the situation for me, they’re a L. They’re both walking L’s. Right now they’re both walking L’s.” JiDion makes two L shapes with his thumbs and fingers, then puts them together to form a W. “I guess you put two L’s together, that’s a W. But, like, still, they’re walking L’s right now.”

JiDion then comes to the realization that he might should assume more than just a financial role in the baby’s life. “Bro, I feel like I have to be the godfather,” he says.

JiDion visits Jason and Kylen

Less than four weeks after posting the reaction video, JiDion shared a new video in which he pulls up on Jason and Kylen (and Xavier) at Jason’s parents’ house! The video (above) is aptly titled “Meeting The World’s Worst ‘Professional’ Rawdogger!” and already has more than 1.6 million views at the time of this post.

Near the beginning of the clip, JiDion is being filmed walking and talking at an airport. “I was just streaming and I saw this thing where — it was this kid, and it said ‘I’m a professional rawdogger.’ It was that TV channel called TLC and it’s some show called Unexpected where, like, teenage kids that, like, have kids unexpectedly…In the clip that I had saw, Brody was over here talking about how he’s a professional raw dogger.”

The video then cuts to the Unexpected clip with Jason’s infamous quote.

Unexpected Jason Korpi professional rawdogger quote

“He basically gave me, like, a big shout out on national TV and I was, like, ‘Bro, I’m gonna pull up to you. I’m gonna come deck out your kid with some cool gifts and stuff like that.’ Literally, I’m gonna give him ten thousand dollars for his college scholarship whenever he turns 18, man. So yeah, that’s the reason why we’re here.”

Flying somewhere to give a couple of teens more than $10,000 worth of stuff is not the usual content for JiDion, who usually does a lot of pranks and trolling on his channel. “This is probably, like, the most wholesome video I’ll ever do in my life,” JiDion confesses. “So, literally don’t expect anything, like, this good ever again because we’re gonna be right back on our [???] stuff the next video.”

JiDion arrives at Jason’s parents’ house and meets Jason, Kylen and Xavier. He chats some with Jason and eventually demotes the teen dad to “amateur rawdogger,” complete with a t-shirt that says as much.

Meanwhile, Xavier was presented with some “professional rawdogger” onesies and a matching t-shirt. (You can see Xavier wearing his new swag in the photo at the top of this post.)

JiDion then offers to take the family of three to a toy store or something similar for a shopping spree. The four of them eventually wind up at a local Target, where JiDion reverts to his practical joking ways as he tries to make people uncomfortable by casually talking about Xavier as if he was JiDion’s child.

While shopping, JiDion keeps prodding Jason and Kylen to get anything and everything they wanted for Xavier, but the young couple seem very shy and quiet. As a result, their haul is probably much smaller than it could have been.

“I can’t think of anything else,” JiDion eventually admits. “You guys are being boring and not picking out stuff. You’re just looking around. You know, I shoulda wrote a script out.”

Eventually, the family of three and Xavier’s YouTube godfather check out. The total for the purchase is $1,157.59, which JiDion pays for with his “Black Lives Matter” credit card.

After their Target shopping spree, JiDion and the family decide to do some more pranks. They knock on the door of several random houses and ask if they can drop Xavier off for a while.

At the end of the clip, Jason’s mom Heidi joins them as JiDion doles out his last two gifts. The first is a pack of extra thin condoms for Jason. The second gift is a college fund for Xavier that JiDion is putting $10,000 into.

Jason, Kylen and Heidi seem sincerely blown away and thankful. That’s pretty much where the video ends.

Once the video was published, Jason shared this photo and appreciative message in his Instagram stories:

TLC Unexpected Jason Kylen and Xavier with JiDion from YouTube

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