TLC UNEXPECTED Where does Kylen give birth? Hospital, home, birthing center? SPOILER

Kylen and Jason

Unexpected Season 5 parents-to-be Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi are getting close to their baby’s arrival, but they are still uncertain where that arrival will happen.

Jason is against a hospital birth because he believes hospitals are against him — or against teen dads in general. He and Kylen talked about having a home birth, but Kylen’s reluctance had them exploring a third option: a local birthing center.

Where does Kylen eventually give birth? Is it a home birth, at a birthing center, or at a hospital? The answer to that question was revealed in the preview trailer for the new season, and confirmed in a series of TikTok videos posted by Jason.


Kylen gave birth to son Xavier in a hospital in August of 2021. Some of the delivery room scenes were included in the preview trailer, which we recapped in a previous post:

We’re shown self-shot footage of Kylan about to give birth in the hospital as she reveals that she is in a lot of pain. Jason appears to be keeping his distance from her across the delivery room.

“Can you please come here?!” Kylen pleads with him.

Jason doesn’t even look up from his phone as he responds: “Can you please not get the epidural?”

“No,” Kylen answers.

“Then no,” Jason replies.

TLC Unexpected Kylen gives birth in a hospital

In a later scene we see Jason being escorted out of the hospital by officers.

In that same post, we accurately predicted how viewers would react to Jason. “18-year-old dad-to-be Jason Korpi looks like he will be the break-out star of Unexpected Season 5, but not in a good way. At all.”

In addition to the preview trailer, you can also see footage from the hospital delivery room in several of Jason’s TikTok videos. Here’s one example posted just last week:

@jason_44__ My best friend💙 #teendad #babyboy #family #love #fypシ #foryou #trending #viral ♬ sees sound blowing up – [⭐️] JaydenW

Are Kylen And Jason Still Together?

I’m sure that many viewers, like myself, are thinking that Kylen and Jason’s relationship will not last. However, the couple appear to be proving the doubters wrong — so far.

Kylen and Jason joined other Unexpected cast members in New York City this week to film the season 5 Couples Tell All reunion special. Jason took to Instagram to share a gallery of photos, including two pictures kissing Kylen. Here’s one of the images:

TLC Unexpected Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith are still together in 2022

As you can tell from the photo, Jason seems to be thumbing his nose at the haters by wearing a “Professional Rawdogger” hoodie. The term is a reference to one of Jason’s many memorable (or meme-orable) quotes from the Unexpected Season 5 premiere episode.

Despite the fact that Kylen and Jason appear to still be together, their relationship is sure to have many bumps in the road. To hop on board that drama roller coaster, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Unexpected airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC,

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