UNEXPECTED Matthew and Hailey 2 back together as she struggles with depression

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The world’s most talked about couple is back together! Unexpected stars Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford (aka Hailey 2) have reconciled and look to be back on track for their happily ever after, including an upcoming baby shower in March!

In case you missed it, the two had a falling out last month. Despite the split, Matthew and Hailey 2 kept things amicable online, and he continued to show support for her as far as her pregnancy and checkups. Apparently, it was Matthew’s continued support that paved the way for the reconciliation.


“I just want to say thank you to my boyfriend for sticking by my side these past 2 months when he had every right to leave,” Hailey 2 began a Facebook post over the weekend. “Not many of you know, but I’ve been suffering from severe depression and I haven’t been myself at all. I don’t even recognize myself,” she continued.

Hailey 2 then revealed more about how difficult she made things for Matthew. “I have pushed him away and treated him like no human deserves to be treated. He has watched me scream, cry, and break down and he has done nothing but support me and remind me I can push through this,” she wrote.

“I am looking into getting into therapy so I can talk to someone and find myself again!” Hailey added, before ending her post with “I love you honey..”

Hailey continued her praise of Matthew on Instagram in a caption to a gallery of images of the two of them together:

HAILEY 2: Very thankful for my amazing boyfriend/father of my child ? You’ve definitely kept me on my toes but I wouldn’t want anyone else doing it! You gave me our beautiful son and you love me with all of your heart and that’s what I am thankful for ☺️ I’ll never be able to repay you enough sweetie. Please continue loving me and supporting me through everything. You’re my best friend. I love you now and forever ?

MATTHEW: Beyond thankful for you babygirl, you have blessed me with our little boy and gave me alllll your love and support, beyond thankful for everything you do! I love you baby ❤️

Matthew shared an Instagram post of his own, which included a mirror selfie of the duo. “We are forever ❤️, thank you so much for blessing me with our baby boy you are carrying,” Matthew wrote, adding a ? emoji. “I love you so much for everything you do for me and sticking by my side! No matter what we go through I will always be your backbone and we will make it through!! We aren’t going NOWHERE ?❤️.”

Hailey 2 also shared a gallery of images about her current pregnancy, and remained positive about her baby on the way. Her caption sparked a response from Matthew, and Hailey replied in kind:

HAILEY 2: Thankful for god blessing me with a baby boy ? I was told at 12 years old I would have a hard time having kids and most likely just wouldn’t be able to so you’re definitely a miracle to me. Mommy loves you SO MUCH already and I’m definitely excited to have you in my arms ☺️ You are my biggest blessing baby boy! You give me a purpose to push and go on every day ??

MATTHEW: I can’t wait for him to be here, to see him and hold him?? and to see you be a great mommy to him and watch him grow up, he’s gonna love you so much ❤️

HAILEY 2: @matthew__001 he loves you so much already, he loves hearing daddy’s voice! He loves when you hold my belly and talk to him. We’re gonna be amazing parents to him regardless of what anyone says!

Now that Matthew and Hailey 2 are officially back together, they can start working together planning for her baby shower! Hailey 2 shared an Instagram story in which she revealed that the shower is tentatively scheduled for March 7, which is a little more than a month before her due date of April 15.

Meanwhile, Hailey 1 doesn’t appear to have responded publicly to the reconciliation. And neither member of the Matthéwnage à trois have recently addressed whether or not they will be returning for another season of Unexpected. Matthew and Hailey stated very clearly that they would not be back after the tidal wave of negativity in the wake of the Season 3 Tell All and their pregnancy announcement.

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