Emiley Noack not returning for Unexpected Season 3

Although TLC has yet to officially announce there will be a third season of their popular teen mom reality series Unexpected, it appears to be a certainty based on casting calls and cast members’ comments. Unfortunately for some fans, it appears as though we have another couple joining Laura Barron and Tylor Strawmyer on the list of cast members who will not be returning, as mom Emiley Noack reveals that she and Diego are officially not coming back.

Emiley previously revealed that she was gung-ho to return after she, daughter Aria, and Aria’s dad Diego were all invited to return. But the same could not be said for Diego — who did not come across very well in his first season on the show. It seems that Emiley and production were unable to change Diego’s mind; as a result, TLC cameras will not be going back to Frederick, Oklahoma.

Emiley’s announcement came via an Instagram story Q&A with her followers. “Will you be on the next season of Unexpected?” one follower asked. “No,” Emiley flatly replied.

In a follow-up question, another fan asked: “Did you want to be on the next season of Unexpected? Did you not have enough drama?” That’s when Emiley confirmed that it was someone else’s decision to not come back. “They asked us back but not everyone in my story wanted to do it,” she wrote.

I should point out that Emiley doesn’t specify who declined the invitation, or how many people “in her story” didn’t want to come back. Emiley’s mom Bridget didn’t come across very well on the show either, so it would make sense that she might not want to go through another season. However, Emiley and Bridget seem to be doing much better now. And, since Emiley and Diego (and Diego’s family) are officially split, it seems like a golden opportunity for Bridget to get back into the viewers’ good graces.

Regardless of who didn’t want to do another season, the end result is that viewers will not be seeing Emiley, Aria, or Diego on Unexpected Season 3. Emiley joins her co-star Laura Barron on the sidelines after Laura revealed that she and husband Tylor Strawmyer were the only cast members not invited back for the new season.

Although you won’t be able to follow Emiley and Laura’s stories on TLC, you can certainly follow both of them on social media — including their YouTube channels. Here are their Instagram and YouTube links:

Emiley Noack on Instagram
Emiley Noack on YouTube

Laura Barron on Instagram
Laura Barron on YouTube

With the help of some of the moms, TLC and the Unexpected production company have been posting casting calls (above) over the past few months, so I assume they want to add at least two new moms to replace Emiley and Laura. In case you needed a reminder, the cast for next season now looks to include OGs McKayla Adkins and Lexus Scheller, as well as Season 2 rookie Chloe Mendoza.

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