90 DAY FIANCÉ Sam’s brother marries Citra’s sister in Indonesia?

90 Day Fiance Sam's brother and Citra's sister wedding photos

Even more congratulations are in order for the families of 90 Day Fiancé couple Sam and Citra!

As Starcasm was the first to report, Sam’s brother Timothy and Citra’s sister Nafa started dating soon after they first met just prior to Sam and Citra’s wedding in Missouri. It seems their relationship moved VERY quickly as Timothy and Nafa got married earlier this week! Or did they?

The 90 Day Fiancéverse was buzzing about the sibling romance last month with Nafa returned to the United States to visit Sam and Citra — and Timothy.

Nafa and Timothy posted LOTS of photos together on social media, including their trip to New York City. (I am guessing they took part in filming the 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 Couples Tell All taping?)

Sam, Citra, and Timohty fly to Indonesia

Last week, Sam and Citra surprised their social media followers by posting photos and video of their trip to Indonesia to surprise her dad! And yes, Timothy went along for the ride.

Here’s a montage video posted by Citra, followed by her caption about surprising her dad:

Nothing better than coming home surprising your dad 🥹❤️. Sam and I told my dad we weren’t be able to come to Indonesia and he felt so sad when we told him. He really wished that Sam and I be able to come because he misses us so much. We booked our flight last minute and had get through long ass flight that made our butt numb lmao but it was worth it to see his reaction he literally shocked and cried as he hugged Sam and I.

Sam and Citra (and their family) weren’t done with the surprises though!

Sam’s brother marries Citra’s sister?

According to social media posts, Sam’s brother Timothy and Citra’s sister Nafa capped off their whirlwind romance by getting married!

Hints of pending nuptials were dropped by the siblings in the form of photos of Sam, Citra, Timothy and Nafa wearing what looks to be traditional formal attire:

90 Day Fiancé Sam and Citra with their siblings Timothy and Nafa

In another photo shared by Citra, Timothy and Nafa look to be trying on matching wedding outfits as Citra and Nafa’s dad smiles:

90 Day Fiancé Sam and Citra's siblings married?

Later, a friend named Dwi posted a photo of Timothy and Nafa in their wedding attire and holding what appears to be rings or some other kind of jewelry:

90 Day Fiancé Timothy and Nafa wedding photo

Nafa re-posted the image before apparently deleting her account.

However, Timothy posted a photo of himself and Nafa in their wedding looks on Instagram on Saturday:

90 Day Fiancé Timothy and Nafa wedding photo

“Oh my gosh I love her…” Timothy captioned the fun image. “She is the most amazing girl I ever met! I love you!”

Was this actually Sam and Citra’s wedding?

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans are speculating that Timothy and Nafa were dressed up for their part in Sam and Citra’s Indonesian wedding ceremony and not their own.

All four of them seem to like pranks, and it would certainly be a good one to pretend like it was Timothy and Nafa’s wedding when it wasn’t! It could also be that the photos are from an engagement ceremony?

However, the full photo shared by Dwi shows a sign with Timothy’s and Nafa’s names on it. Plus, she congratulates Nafa on her wedding and adds “I’m sorry I couldn’t come.”

90 Day Fiancé Nafa and Timothy wedding photo

It’s unknown if TLC was filming the wedding/event. They could certainly use the footage for an update to be included at the 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 Couples Tell All.

If it was Timothy and Nafa’s wedding, TLC could feature the couple in a future season of 90 Day Fiancé or Before the 90 Days. (There is no indication Timothy plans to move to Indonesia, so I do not believe The Other Way would be an option.)

Regardless of whether or not TLC was filming…. Congratulations to whichever couple did get married or engaged or whatever! 😂

Citra responds to Nafa and Timothy’s relationship

After we published our article about Timothy and Nafa dating, Citra shared a statement about the relationship on Instagram:

I’m happy for both of them even though they can be such a pain in our asses sometimes lol. Never thought they will ended up together, I know god has mysterious way for everything.

If we didn’t cancel our wedding in indonesia which is Sam come to Indonesia alone and it never happened that my sister and Tim (sams brother) would had a chance to meet in person they only see each other in facetime long time ago. Now they’re in relationship because I brought my family to come here to meet Sam’s family and I always believe everything happens for a reason.

90 Day Fiance Citra comments on sister Nafa and Timmy's relationship

I am glad my sister being all open up and close to me tell me about everything and I’m glad that she can get out from toxic relationship for many years that she had and found someone better that caring, loving, and appreciates everything she does.

I tried a fee times to set up Sam’s brother with my friends but he was so cold for girls out there lol. So they got the easy way he knows about all my family and she knows all about his family 😂

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