UNEXPECTED Emiley Noack’s ex Diego Reyes is married! PHOTOS

TLC Unexpected dad Diego Reyes is married! Meet his wife Shannon Reyes

Congratulations are in order for Unexpected Season 2 dad Diego Reyes as the soon-to-be 22-year-old recently got married!

The first hint that Diego may no longer be single came from his dad, Fabian, on Instagram. Fabian shared a gallery of family photos on Sunday, which included Diego and a young brunette.

“Wow. What a difference a week makes,” Fabian began the gallery’s caption. “I went from having a houseful, all three boys, two daughter-in-laws, two granddaughters, an old dog, and a partridge in a pear tree. Football and school kicking off in a few weeks…. But today… the silence stinks, might have to turn on some Metallica.”

In the group photo you can see Diego and his two brothers, one of which is older (and married), the other of which is younger. Aside from Diego’s mom, there are only two young women in the pictures, so it’s pretty easy to do the math.

Plus, it’s not difficult to see that Diego is sporting a rather large, black ring on his left ring finger. The girl with him is also wearing a ring on her left ring finger.

Here’s Fabian’s gallery:

Diego shared numerous photos with his boo on Facebook from the couple’s recent trip to Italy. They can both be seen wearing rings on images dating back as far as June 20. He posted a photo on March 28 in which he is clearly not wearing the ring.

Diego Reyes Marriage Confirmed

We need not speculate whether or not Diego is married because his wife clarified things Monday night! Shannon Reyes shared a gallery of images on Facebook from her and Diego’s trip to Italy that included an official wedding announcement. “He stole my heart so I took his last name,” she captioned the gallery, adding an engagement ring emoji.

The gallery features a text graphic that reads:

* * * * * * * * * * *
2022 Will Forever Be A Special Year

Ms. Shannon Grassie
Mr. Diego Reyes
Are Pleased To Announce Their Marriage
* * * * * * * * * * *

The gallery also includes a photo of the bride’s and groom’s rings:

Unexpected dad Diego Reyes married wedding rings

Shannon looks to be a college student from New Jersey. I have no idea how they met, but I assume Diego was stationed near her at some point? And I am guessing that perhaps their Italy trip was a honeymoon?

I’m sincerely very happy for Diego! I know he had his fair share of detractors after appearing on Unexpected, but it always seemed to me that he was just a bit immature with some issues to work through. (Unlike Jason Korpi, for example.)

Diego has taken steps to work on his maturity (more on that below), and seems to be in a really great place now. But did his sense of humor survive intact? And if so, is Shannon a good match for someone who likes a bit of clowning around? I’ll let a photo answer that question with the equivalent of a thousand words in the affirmative:

Diego Reyes and wife Shannon Reyes

Congratulations again to Diego and Shannon! I look forward to sharing more updates about them in the coming years. 🙂

Diego Reyes and his wife Shannon Reyes in Italy

What Happened To Diego After Unexpected?

In case you missed it, not long after his appearance on Unexpected, Diego Reyes joined the Army! Diego took to social media in January of 2020 to share a photo of himself being sworn in.

“Yesterday was a big day for the Reyes family,” Diego’s dad Fabian wrote the next day along with the picture. “This young man found a direction swearing into the US Army. Proud dad moment.”

Diego did his basic training at Fort Sill, which is roughly 51 miles from his hometown of Frederick, Oklahoma. He completed his basic training 15 weeks later.

In our post about Diego’s graduation, we shared some comments made by his dad in response to questions on social media:

When asked if boot camp kicked Diego’s ass, Fabian says it “sure did.”

It seems the year off between high school and the Army made things a bit more difficult. “He was a really good high school athlete, but a year out… lol,” Fabian reveals. “He gained 25 lbs, looks really good,” he adds.

Fabian says that training hasn’t just been good for Diego physically. “[Diego] said it has changed him quite a bit,” Fabian tells one commenter who mentioned that basic training changed her life. “Gave him good habits.”

When someone says that Fabian must be proud of Diego, Fabian responds with “very.” He says that his son “fits in” and the Army “gives him a direction until he can grow and find who he wants to be.”

After a couple weeks off, Diego was planning to do his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Sill. I’m not sure what he’s been up to since then.

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