Tyga is desperate to win Kylie Jenner back (if only to justify his arm tattoo)

Tygster Three


It’s been an up-and-down few days for 25-year-old rapper Tyga. About a week ago, he got a nice big tattoo of the word “Kylie” right there on the inside of his right forearm, in order to prove that his love for the 17-year-old was real. Then, Tyga sexted with baby mama Blac Chyna, got caught, and incurred Kylie’s wrath in the form of a breakup. Now, he’s desperate to get back together with the PacSun employee, and is willing to do whatever else it takes to prove that she means the world to him.

According to a mutual friend, Tyga “feels he hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s telling Kylie he is just trying to keep a good relationship with Blac for the sake of King [his son]. He says it’s important for King to know he still has a family and to see his mommy and daddy getting along.”

And, as far as Tyga getting back together with Blac, the source says that is pure stuff and nonsense:


Since they’ve broken up, Blac has been bitter. [Tyga] feels like she’s filled with anger and doesn’t want to see him happy unless it’s with her. Tyga feels Blac Chyna is really jealous and frankly wants to spoil every bit of happiness he has.


Tyga is currently on tour in Europe, but sources close to him say he is seriously considering canceling the remainder of his dates in order to fly home and sort out his personal life.

At the same time, though, he recently spent the day chumming it up with members of the Arsenal soccer club, running around their pitch and posing for a series of fun-loving selfies.

Is this relationship over and done with, or does it still have the faintest possible pulse?


(Photo credits: Tyga and KJ via Instagram)

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