LHHATL Tommie’s sister Versace joins the cast, and fire is sure to follow

Tommie’s sister Versace is set to join the LHHATL cast for Season 7 and beyond — and fire is sure to follow in her path. Thanks to Versace calling the police on Tommie during her identity theft past, the two don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. But Versace has her own family — including a young son — to look out for.

As we learned from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 supertrailer, things between Tommie’s sister Versace and the ATL veteran are about to get very nasty indeed. From the moment Tommie’s mother Samantha drops word that Versace has moved out of her West Coast digs and is new in town, Tommie looks ready to throw down. Which she does shortly thereafter:

For Tommie, who was just arrested again on a battery charge, the mention of any police interaction seems to be one too many. But who is Tommie’s sister Versace? We know that she’s been living in Long Beach for at least the past couple of years, as well as Versace’s age: she just turned 22 on March 2.

We also know that Versace has a little boy named Taj:

And that her boo is OG Webbo. He and Tommie’s sister Versace have been together for some years, though it’s unclear if Webbo is Taj’s father. But here’s a pic of Webbo and Versace together from March of last year:

In addition, devotées will recall that Versace’s name came up in one of Tommie’s more harrowing post-mugshot stories. During her VH1 interview back in LHHATL season 5, Tommie told the tale of the time she and Versace got into a major car accident when Versace was several months pregnant:

I was with my litter sister, Versace, who was 5 months pregnant. We were on our way back to Jersey because we were still in school while she was pregnant. You know the trucks that have the CV 4 radio? So all the trucks were moving to the right. They were moving out of the lane. So, we’re doing regular speed in the fast lane and bong! A truck had dropped something off one of their trucks. It was a big iron metal thing and we were like slipping. And she was like 7 months pregnant with my little sister and she almost lost her from that. We all almost died.

Note that Tommie referred to Versace being pregnant with Tommie’s “little sister.” So it’s not clear if Versace actually has more than one child, or if Tommie was just mistaken about the whole thing (since it would be pretty tough for Tommie’s sister Versace to be pregnant with another of Tommie’s sisters).

Nonetheless, we should find out a lot more about Versace very soon. Her Instagram account is sure to become one of the most-followed among the new cast — and then of course there’s the actual show she’s on 🙂

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 airs Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Tommie’s sister Versace via Instagram, Facebook)

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