LHHATL Karen King arrested while in court for separate fraud charges

Karen King arrested

Over the past 20 years, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Karen King has racked up more charges than a stolen credit card, including a kidnapping case with her sons that landed her on America’s Most Wanted back in 2012. Karen was in court in Georgia earlier today for fraud charges that have her facing up to 30 years behind bars, and while there, she was arrested for something completely different!

The outstanding warrant that had Karen being led away from court by sheriff’s deputies was for missed car payments on her Maserati. The judge signed off on the warrant back in October after Karen had reportedly missed five payments on her 2014 luxury whip.

Karen King Maserati photos

It’s unclear how — or if — Karen’s car payment arrest will affect her much more serious fraud and identity theft charges. (In case you missed it, she is currently facing a potential 30-year sentence for fraud and identity theft after being arrested in May in connection with an alleged a shoplifting ring.)

UPDATE – Karen King is out of jail, and of course she too right to Instagram to post a couple videos explaining that it’s all bullsh*t. Here are the two clips followed by the edited captions for both. WARNING! The videos do contain some adult language:

So this sh!t don’t get no worst these people are forever trying to humiliate me, but I’m in such a good place in my life right now I don’t have time to entertain the BS the devil is on my line, but guess what I’m going to keep hanging up on him Period. @tmz_tv @tmzlive @vh1lhhtea @vh1 and don’t call me and ask me what happened because you don’t give a damn

All I can do is keep slapping the sh!t out of the devil, my was bail 500 on 90.000 car cause it’s bullsh*t and if that Atlanta fine cars is listening you people are going down not me with all those bullsh*t ass games y’all play down there my paper work is in order so leave me alone

Also unclear is how Karen’s arrest will impact her new project, which appears to be some sort of contest to win a chance at love with her son Scrapp Deleon, who just got out of prison. Details are sketchy, but Karen has 20 appearances set up at 20 cities across the country. For those young ladies wishing for a chance to join this amazing family, the first 25 will register for free, the next 25 will have to pay $50 each, and everyone else will have to pay $100.

The promotion is called Scrapp Deleon N Love and the website is scheduled to launch August 1. Karen’s first appearance (if she and Scrapp are both out of jail/prison at the time) is scheduled for August 5 at Shampoo Barber Shop in Colorado Springs.

Here are a couple posters for the first Scrappapalooza event:

Karen King Scrapp Deleon N Love contest poster

So what do you think — is $100 for a remote chance at dating a convicted felon a good investment? (To Scrapp’s credit, his arrest was for marijuana possession — a LOT of marijuana possession — which is kind of a ridiculous crime given how many states have legalized pot. Speaking of which, the first event is in Colorado. Hmmmmm…)

UPDATE – The website JUST went live and it includes some more information as well as a video featuring Karen King explaining everything:

And deets from the site, which reveal the end result of the cometition will be similar to other celebrity relationship competition series starring Tila Tequila, Ray J and Bret Michaels in that the Top 25 will al be moving into the same house together to continue the Scrappetition:

Our Plan is to have as many winners as possible, but unfortunately, there can only be one girl for Scrapp. Throughout the contest there will be 8 challenges, after each challenge the top 25 ladies with the highest votes for the challenge shall win amazing prizes! Unfortunately there will be eliminations after every 25 challenge winners are announced.

Once we are down to last 25 women the real fun begins. The women will be moved into a mansion where all their activities will be filmed as well as the new three challenges will take place. The women in the house will be interacting with Scrapp at various times on the countdown and competing to see who will be The next woman on Scrapp Deleon’s arm.

Source: TMZ

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