LHHATL Tommie confirms hookup with Joseline: ‘What that mouth do’

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Tommie and Joseline have been flirting with the possibility of an off-camera fling for weeks now–and, if a new interview is to believed, it looks like the two Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-stars finally did the deed. That admission comes from none other than Tommie herself, who has dealt with more than her fair share of adversity during her first season of the show, and seemed to be completely above-board while spilling her own tea.

Indeed, Tommie’s most visible moment during LHHATL Season 5, other than her debut as a new cast member, was the unexpected discovery of her long (30+ arrests) criminal record and the mug shots that came with it. Our collage of fifteen of those mug shots went viral earlier this year; for Tommie, though, it was no big thing. Her response to the outcry over her fifteen-plus mug shots coming to light? A succinct “Don’t you judge me, b!tch.”

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VH1 itself provided audio of the Hot 107.9 interview in which Tommie acknowledged the Joseline and Tommie hookup–and during which she further “spilled all the dirt on her relations with Stevie J. Without further ado, here’s that interview:

“I’m a rugged b!tch,” Tommie explained, when talking about her approach to life. “I do whatever the f*ck I wanna do….I want you to look at me and say ‘Ooh, if I could just rip that, everything for the f*ck part. Gangbang.

“N!ggas get head every day, b!tch,” Tommie later said, in specific reference to the rumors regarding she and Joseline. “What that mouth do. Hey! Now that’s what the show needs to be about: what that mouth do. Everybody crawls up here and says ‘Hey, you got the best head in the game?’ I need you to call up right now, at Hot 107.9, and tell us how you doin’ it.”

As far as backlash goes, Tommie claimed she doesn’t notice it at all. “I don’t even recognize the hate,” she said. “My biggest problem is transitioning into a real businesswoman. I want to to do it so bad, but I don’t even really know how….I’m a passionate woman; I do everything with my whole body and soul.”

In related news, Joseline is preparing to roll out her own line of sex toys. She’s shared a handful of snapshots from the Joseline Hernandez sex toy photo shoot over on Instagram. You can check out one provocative shot right here.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 continues Monday nights on VH1.

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(Photo credits: Tommie and Joseline via Instagram)

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