UNEXPECTED Tyra Boisseau reacts to pregnancy reports, being back with Alex

Tyra and Alex from Unexpected

Unexpected mom Tyra Boisseau is responding to reports that she is currently pregnant again, reports that gained momentum after a photo was posted on Facebook from a woman who saw Tyra and Alex together at a local Walmart.

The photo itself doesn’t include Tyra, but does show Alex Wilson and their daughter Layla.

“Saw Alex and Tyra at our little Walmart in Russellville Kentucky,” the caption for the image began. “I wasn’t going to bother them shopping since they had their little girl and storms are getting bad but I did yell out that I love them on the show and Tyra lit up and said thank you! She’s big pregnant! Just crazy they were here in our little town!”

Tyra often does live streams on social media, and her followers have been commenting about the fact that she hasn’t been showing herself below the chest recently. She’s also seemed short of breath quite often.

In one of her numerous recent live streams, Tyra reacted to the pregnancy rumors and the Walmart photo. “I could be f***ing fat,” she argued at one point, in reference to the photographer claiming she was pregnant based on her physical appearance. “I could have gained f***ing a hundred pounds…and I’m just so insecure about it, and that’s why I’m not showing my body any more,” she added. “Y’all have no idea.”

On Tuesday, a new image surfaced on Instagram that is purportedly a screen cap from Tyra’s private Snapchat group. In the image, Tyra is attributed with writing: “I’m due June 27th.” I do not know if Tyra has responded to the alleged screen cap.

In regards to the fact that she was with Alex at Walmart, even after he fathered another child with another woman, Tyra stated that if she and Alex were trying to work things out, she doesn’t understand why she should have to defend or explain that to anyone.

In a series of live streams reposted by @tlc.unexpectedteaa on Instagram, Tyra seems all over the place in terms of being bothered and unbothered by the attention she continues to receive due to being on Unexpected for multiple seasons.

Here’s one excerpt:

It’s disrespectful to keep posting me in the Unexpected TLC page because I’m not on there any more. That’s disrespectful to me. Make a Tyra group page or whatever, and then I won’t be mad any more. I will literally bow down, queen! That’s my point though. I don’t want to be associated with that show any more.

Tyra’s statements confirm earlier reports that she (and sister Tiarra Boisseau) will not be back for Unexpected Season 6. The only two moms returning from Unexpected Season 5 will reportedly be Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan.

If you’re hoping to get the inside scoop on everything Tyra Boisseau via her private Snapchat group, you may need to start setting money aside now. According to a recent live stream, Tyra is now charging $100 to join the group. (It’s unclear if she was joking. You can watch it yourself and decide.) If you have a little extra cash, she’s also raising money in hopes of taking a vacation.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of Tyra being upset about the $100 charge report, followed by Tyra talking about the $100 charge:

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