UNEXPECTED Max has Injunction Against Harassment order from Chloe’s family after alleged altercation EXCLUSIVE

The troubles continue to mount for Unexpected dad Max Schenzel as we can now exclusively reveal that he is not permitted to be in contact with Chloe or her family (except for text messages with Chloe regarding their daughter Ava) thanks to an Injunction Against Harassment filed on August 6.

The specific reasons for the injunction are not clear. We have been able to confirm that their was a police report made just before the injunction was filed and signed by a judge, but there has been some difficulty getting a copy of the actual incident report. However, Chloe’s mom Jessica seems to shed some light on the incident as she recently made some comments on Facebook in which she claims that “Max did put hands on Chloe” and that’s the reason for the filing.

Jessica’s comments came in reaction to viewers angry at her and her attitude towards Max on the show. Jessica reveals that she and Chloe’s father were in an abusive relationship and that they split up when Chloe was just one. “I did not want my kids to grow up in that environment,” Jessica argues. “This is why I advocate so much for my daughter, because I see the same things in Max as her dad and I hate that she is following my footsteps.”

Jessica then asserts her claim against Max. “I’m sorry but I do not stand for domestic abuse, and yes Max did put hands on Chloe which is why there is an order of protection out.”

It’s important to note that the judge who signed the order must have had reason to believe that Chloe and her family were in danger because of Max.

If you are curious as to why this is an Injunction Against Harassment and not an Order of Protection, that is because it was filed by Jessica and she does not have direct family ties to Max. (Chloe is only 17 and still a minor.) However, the injunction does include Chloe as well as Jessica, her husband Nathan, their daughter Brooklyn, and Chloe’s daughter Ava.

The injunction states that Max is to have no contact with Chloe’s family, with the one exception of “text messages with Chloe Mendoza, but only for the purpose of discussing the parties’ minor child.” Max is also prohibited from going near Chloe’s home or any of the schools attended by Chloe or her family members.

In addition to the police report filed just prior to the injunction, we also have evidence that there was another incident after the injunction was filed, which may be an indication that it was violated. We will update when we know more.

As far as how long it will be before Max and Chloe are able to be in contact again, the Maricopa Superior Court website says “an Injunction Against Harassment is valid for one year from the date the order is served.”

Of course, Max may have other obstacles keeping him from Chloe as he is still awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to stealing money and a credit card from his friend’s sleeping grandmother earlier this year. He was scheduled to be sentenced last month, but Max’s attorney made a motion to have Max undergo a Rule 11 mental evaluation to determine if his is mentally competent to stand trial. That motion was granted by the judge, and we are still awaiting the results of his psychological evaluation.

Meanwhile, Max and Chloe still mention each other in their Instagram bios, with Chloe’s including “Max ?” while Max’s bio reads in part: “Chloe’s my boo❤️” As you would imagine, given that the injunction has been in place for more than two months, there have been no recent photos of the two of them together — or Max with Ava.

Max did share a goofy Instagram selfie on Saturday and captioned it optimistically: “Life’s been getting a lot better lately ?”

You can continue to follow Max and Chloe’s story, which may introduce his theft arrest soon, when new episodes of Unexpected air Sunday nights at 10/9 c on TLC.

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