Amanda Bynes removes breast implants, schedules another nose job

Amanda Bynes breast implants in bra

Amanda Bynes may have seemed thrilled with her breast implants just last month, but already, the former child star has taken them out after deeming them uncomfortable. Now, the former What I Like About You actress is ready for her next surgery — and she’s getting it tomorrow!

“I got my breast implants removed,” Amanda revealed to Radar Online. “They were uncomfortable… I prefer them out.”

According to a source close to Amanda, the discomfort was the result of a complication during the surgery. “A tube got lodged in her breast and Amanda was in pain,” the source claims. “But she is much better now and even told me, ‘They look amazing without the implants!'”

Despite the breast complication, Amanda hasn’t soured to the idea of more plastic surgery. In fact, Amanda is getting another nose job tomorrow.

Amanda Bynes at the gym after first nose job

Amanda reportedly told the source that she is getting her second nose job to shave down “the bone that forms the bridge of my nose.”

“She’s become addicted to the confidence each surgery gives her… She bemoaned that she she stopped working because she was so vain that she didn’t like how her nose was looking on camera,” the source adds. “She can’t wait to start making music videos when her nose is finished.”

As you may have heard, Amanda will soon be releasing music. Involved in the upcoming project are Wyclef Jean and Waka Flocka Flame.

On Wednesday, Amanda confirmed the news of her second surgery via Twitter, saying, “I’m having my next surgery on Saturday!”

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