Tiger Mistress Joslyn James and lawyer Gloria Allred to fight Tail of the Tiger golf ball maker Creative Classics


“He likes to play a round with them . . . now you can too!” is the tag line for the cheesiely painted golf balls called Tail of the Tiger: The Mistress Collection. Each golf ball has the likeness of one of Tiger’s alleged mistresses painted on the front in a bid by the Canadian based Creative Classics company to cash in on the Tiger scandal.

First of all, they’re waaaay late on all of this. The quality of craftmanship hints it could have been thrown together in a couple of hours, just like the Balloon boy outfit, and if only they had done that they could have really capitalized on the Tiger Woods frenzy. Business isn’t too bad though, owner Mike Caldwell told the New York Daily News that they’ve sold $40,000 worth of merchandise in three days and that they got a $15,000 order from Japan. The set of 12 golf balls that retails for $44.95.

They also have another problem, one of the mistresses is fighting back. According to TMZ, porn star and former call-girl Josyln James is teaming up with Gloria Allred to take on the company for putting out a product that encourages violence against women. A press conference is scheduled for 3 p.m. today.

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