Tiger Woods Mistresses Scorecard with photos and bios of all the women so far!

Tiger Woods mistresses

Have you been camping out for the last two weeks and have no idea who Kalika Moquin is? Are you the dork at the water cooler who thinks Jaimee Grubbs are a kind of fishing bait? Are you still on dial-up and can’t keep pace with the gushing flow of Tiger Woods mistresses? Well, starcasm.net is here to help!

I wasted most of my afternoon putting together this handy-dandy graphic that compiles info on all the known mistresses in a single, concise and easy-to-read chart! You get ages, background info and images for Rachel, Jaimee, the other Jamie, Kalika, Mindy, Cori and Holly (alias Nicolette)! Though there have been other nameless mistresses reported, this chart covers the seven we know with room for two more on the “front nine.” I’ll create a “back nine” scorecard as soon as number 10 shows up, which I estimate to be Thursday.

Here’s the chart – I will also include the summary text in the post itself. There are actually two images – click them to see larger, more legible versions:

Tiger Woods Mistress Scorecard featuring all of his women mistresses

Tiger Woods mistresses chart with photos and bios

Tiger Woods mistress chart with all of his known women

Ain’t that perty? OK – here are the summaries in old-fashioned text form:

1. Rachel Uchitel 34-year-old New York nightclub hostess. Famously canceled a scheduled press conference after hiring Gloria Allred as her lawyer, sparking speculation Tiger may have paid her off. Her fiance died in the 9/11 attacks.

2. Jaimee Grubbs 24-year-old waitress and cast member of Tool Academy. Claims to have had sex with Tiger more than 20 times since 2007 and saved text and voice messages from him, including one asking her to remove his name from her phone because his wife Elin was catching on.

3. Kalika Moquin 27-year-old Marketing manager for The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio. Recently promoted from the same position at the topless “Bare Pool” at the Mirage. Initially had no comment when she was outed by Life & Style, but is now denying having a sexual relationship with Tiger.

4. Jamie Jungers 26-year-old blond Vegas body-for-hire who worked for at least two glorified escort services: Trashy Girls and Vegas VIP Hotties Hosting. Starcasm uncovered a video of Jamie at a Supercross event where she gave a brief interview wearing a bikini and sitting in a hot tub.

5. Mindy Lawton 33-year-old brunette manager and waitress at the Perkins restaurant up the street from Tiger Woods’ Windermere home in Florida. Unlike the others, Mindy believed Tiger was seriously in love with her. Gave a video interview to News of the World.

6. Cori Rist 31-year-old mother of one who met Tiger at the club Butter in New York last year. The couple allegedly had a two-and-a-half-year affair. Cori gave an exclusive interview to The Today Show on December 14.

7. Holly Sampson 36-year-old adult film star who also goes by the name Nicolette Foster. The first of two porn star mistresses to emerge, Holly is most famous for her softcore series Emmanuelle, but without having seen either, I cast my vote for her work on the My First Sex Teacher series!

8. Joslyn James – Another adult movie star, Joslyn is a 32-year-old brunette without much of a resume outside of the adult film industry. The only other thing of note she has done is Tiger.

9. Loredana Jolie Ferriolo – 26-year-old Playboy model from Brooklyn who Madame Michelle Braun outed as someone who received money from Tiger for sex – in excess of $15,000.

10. Julie Postle – 26-year-old model and former waitress at the Orlando Roxy Night Club. Former boyfriend Brian Kimbrough outed her to The New York Post after she contacted him looking for old phone records. Kimbrough recalls many conversations and trysts between the two.

11. Theresa Rogers – 40-year-old Rogers is the oldest of Tiger’s gaggle. Not much is yet known about her and there is only one known photo in existence. Theresa is sort of the Sasquatch of Tiger mistresses. Radar Online discovered Rogers because she hired lawyer Gloria Allred.

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