PHOTO Michael Phelps swimming for Australia?

Swimmer Michael Phelps in a pair of Australian team swimming trunks with AUS

Has American Olympic swimmer extraordinaire Michael Phelps defected down under? That appears to be the case in this photo featuring the long-limbed real-life Aquaman sporting a pair of Australian swimming trunks at the World Swimming Championships in China!

No need to go off the deep end Phelps Phans! Michael’s AUS ass is the result of a bit of absent mindedness as he apparently forgot to bring his own of trunks to a warm up and was forced to borrow a pair from Australian swimmer Eamon Sullivan.

Eamon shared the above photo and proudly tweeted about the trunk swappage earlier today:

Had to loan forgetful @MichaelPhelps my training togs for his warm up tonight. Hope they bring good luck buddy… PS – you can keep them!

And then:

About as close as you will ever see @MichaelPhelps swimming for Australia!

Hmmmm… Michael Phelps forgot to bring his swim trunks to the Swimming World Championships? Is it possible he’s back on the bong?

Photo: yfrog