That’s So Raven’s Orlando Brown sentenced to half a year in jail

Orlando Brown Arrested

That’s So Raven‘s Orlando Brown is two weeks into his 180-day Los Angeles County Jail sentence, TMZ reports. The former Disney star was remanded into custody on August 23 when he was unable to show proof that he completed a court-ordered alcohol education class.

Orlando’s original crime in question occurred in 2011 when he was busted in Hollywood for driving under the influence. That was neither his first nor his last run-in with the law.

In 2007, when he was 19, Orlando was arrested in Houston for marijuana possession. He claimed the marijuana didn’t belong to him.

“That’s not what I do. I consider myself a youth activist,” Orlando reportedly said during a police interview.

Eddie Thomas on That's So Raven

His next arrest was the 2011 DUI bust. At the time, Orlando’s manager told E! that his client was just “in the driver’s seat and popped in the CD. He wasn’t going anywhere.”

Luckily for Orlando, he struck a plea deal that only required him to attend an alcohol education class… But he never even signed up for it. After failing to meet probation conditions, he was arrested in May 2012. Two months later, he was busted for failing to show up in court.

Orlando was arrested for a second DUI this last April. That likely didn’t help his ongoing 2011 case. Yet, TMZ reports Orlando might luck out again: The L.A. County jails are so overcrowded, he will likely only serve a fraction of his 180-day sentence.

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