West Virginia men dressed as super heroes rescue kitten from home fire


When a Milton, West Virginia house caught on fire over the weekend one lucky feline got rescued by Batman and Captain America!

Jeff Buckland (Batman), a retired former firefighter, and Troy Marcum (Captain America) were both in costume at a local event at the American Legion Post. Buckland operates Heroes 4 Higher, a business that provides motivational messages to children and adults.

Well… They were doing their motivatin’ when they noticed smoke from the nearby home and did what super heroes do. They rushed in the home not knowing if anyone was inside and in danger. Thankfully, the homeowners were out of town but their cat was stranded inside. “He (Captain America) breaks out the window. The smokes lets out and as I can start to see I reach down and grab something furry,” Buckland said.

He had to resuscitate the cat and explained to WCHSTV that when the cat realized who had saved it, it kinda freaked. “The cat comes around takes a look at me, then hissed! I just wonder what the cat was thinking.”

This is Buckland’s, dressed as Batman being interview by the local news, impersonation of said cat’s surprised kitty-face upon being revived:

Batman impersonates a rescued cat

There’s so much going on in that image and I love all of it!

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